Today’s Climate Fraud From The Union Of Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists says Wisconsin is getting super hot, the ice is disappearing, and the Great Lakes are drying up

ScreenHunter_2469 Jul. 10 16.28

Every single one of their claims is patently false. Wisconsin summers are getting cooler, with fewer hot days

ScreenHunter_2468 Jul. 10 16.27 ScreenHunter_2467 Jul. 10 16.19

Wisconsin winter temperatures haven’t changed.

ScreenHunter_2466 Jul. 10 16.18

Great Lakes ice levels have been at record levels in recent years.

ScreenHunter_2470 Jul. 10 16.33

Product – Product Search – Canadian Ice Service

Great Lakes water levels haven’t changed over the past century.

ScreenHunter_2471 Jul. 10 16.35

GLWLD – Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard

There isn’t any basis to any of the UCSUSA claims. They are a propaganda organization dedicated to spreading misinformation about the climate.

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9 Responses to Today’s Climate Fraud From The Union Of Concerned Scientists

  1. Karl Popper would have loved your ways of systematic falsification.
    I do to.

    • “Systematic falsification” sounds so bad.
      It might have been this part of the scientific method The Union of Concerned Scientists misunderstood.
      It is not about falsification of results or claims.
      It is about exposing own hypothesis and theories for the fiercest struggle for survival – in attempt to falsify them.
      Hypothesis and theories are merited by the attempts of falsification they have survived.

  2. Their name is misleading.
    It should not have been Concerned Scientists.
    Is should have been Concerned Inductivists.

  3. This is how a great scientist think:
    First part is easy reading and soothing.

  4. Rud Istvan says:

    As someone who has owned a major dairy farm in Wisconsin since 1985, all I can say is that your charts are directionally correct. We did have to put away the 4 snowmobiles for a while in the late 1990’s. Now, we have to dig them out of the second tractor shed using a Ford compact M195 diesel 4WD tractor and a M770 front end hydraulic loader with the bucket changed from manure/crushed stone to snow (a much bigger bucket designed for lighter snow loads, since the little 27 HP M770 breakaway is only 1100 pounds on that light haying tractor. No Wisconsin snow is (yet) big enough to break out the bad boys, a 2 ton lift skidsteer, or the 150 HP plow/plant tractor.)

  5. CR Carlson says:

    What’s next? The so-called concerned scientists will claim that Upstate NY is overheated, drying out and Lake Ontario is boiling over to the point where it’ll be a totally dry lake bed by 2016? Syracuse Greenies love alarmist fantasies, are feeling left out lately, so would welcome some attention from the overly concerned scientists.

    Our wettest June in decades, near record ice extent on L. Ontario for the past two years and recently brutally cold winters will just be ignored by the Union of Constipated Scientists. After all, if the Greenies can ignore reality, so can this group of worry warts.

  6. The UCS, being no more than a pro-AGW advocacy group, demonstrated themselves to be exactly that when they lurched straight into anti-science character assassination mere days ago:

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