Carter To Defeat Reagan By 2:1 Margin

In February 1980, Jimmy Carter was polling ahead of Ronald Reagan by a 2:1 margin, and Republicans were desperate to get rid of him and replace him with Jerry Ford.

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14 Mar 1980, Page 70 – at

So how did those polls work out?


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  1. mat says:

    Also note what “legalizing” those 3 million illegals did to California in 87. Not only did the promised border security not happen, but CA has become a Dem and “dem lite” state ever since…

    • Jack Striker says:

      Well, marxist and marxist lite.

      Also, I’m not sure if Mr. Heller is trying to be for or against Trump here (who I’m thinking, due to problems in the Democrat Party, will be getting a near-Reagan landslide), but I know that he likes Cruz due to the man’s fight against AGW.

      I respect that immensely about Cruz, and while I don’t want him anywhere near the presidency, I would love to have him in whatever subordinate position makes policy regarding AGW. He needs to continue that fight, because we’re so close to breaking them.

      • mat says:

        Probably like myself, he has never liked Trump. Never watched a single minute of any of his TV show (s?). It’s the message… He’s the only one who seems to realize we’re in a war for everything that’s made America great…

        Not getting the “marxist and marxist lite”? You might need to talk to Bernie about that one..

  2. Myron Mesecke says:

    Big difference between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

    Reagan had some integrity and intelligence.
    I can’t for the life of me understand why Trump is ahead of anyone.

    • tonyheller says:

      Clowns don’t stand up to and beat: GOP Bushs Media Elites Pope

      • Jonathan P says:

        Would that Trump were merely a clown. Sadly, he’s a narcissistic/megalomaniacal psychopath. I’ll honestly be tempted to vote for the sociopath Hillary over him, but will likely resign myself to voting third party this fall.

        • Pops says:

          Some clown.

          Trump’s policy positions – so far:

          No other candidate has issued even one, though, several are now parroting Trump’s views, now that they have seen how popular they are.

          Trump’s schedule of events for the next few days:

          Each one will be packed, some with several thousand people. No other candidate is putting the time, effort, and gutsy hard work into his/her campaign.

          And remember, for a clown, he has been topping just about every poll for eight months and spent nothing compared to the rest of the field. The press has given him hundreds of millions of dollars of free publicity.

          And remember, for a clown, he has just won NH, SC, and NV. …We’ll see who’s wearing the red nose next Wednesday morning.

          And remember, Trump is the only candidate with the balls to stand-up against the establishment. He has the GOPe, the Dems, the Media, the donors, and the special interest all desperately trying to drag him down, and he’s sent the whole rotten crowd packing.

          And remember, the last jerk offered hope, change, and unicorn farts. Trump is offering a secure border, the removal of millions of ILLEGAL immigrants, the return of jobs to America, the reduction of crippling debt, the strengthening of the military, the return of the American dream, and much more. Get used to the sound of it. “President Trump!”

        • Jack Striker says:

          I wish I could reply to your other post, but apparently it’s nested “too far”. Talk about poor coding.

          >>after he sh*ts all over the Constitution

          He’s the only one who wants to uphold it. Either prove your bullshit or get out. What site do you think you’re on? We deal in FACT here. And try not to use a rag opinion piece like you did in your other post.

          >>pisses off all of our allies

          Fuck them. They can stay our allies, but we have to GET something out of them in return. Why do they deserve our protection for nothing in return? Explain this.

          >> narcissistic

          Good. America needs to care about America again.

          >> megalomaniacal

          He has repeatedly stated that his “power” is part of the show.

          >>will likely resign myself to voting third party this fall.

          Any vote that isn’t Trump is a vote against Hillary, so while I won’t thank you for that, I won’t disparage you for it.

          • Jonathan P says:

            You want to “deal in fact” and then preach the virtues of an outright liar and b@llsh*tter while using no “facts” of your own for support. OK.
            Trump’s candidacy turns misinformation and lies into ammunition in just four easy steps:
            “First, say or tweet an incorrect piece of information, knowing any network that calls you on it will be dubbed partial by one of the two political parties.
            Two, watch as mainstream news outlets write about the controversy of your statements—as the right and left line up on predictable sides—but not call you out on it. The stories will often present an objective fact-check, placed with seemingly equal weight to what one of your supporters feels is true. “Objectivity” and “balance” means treating someone who is factually wrong, even lying, the same as the person who is right and honest.
            Three, fire up your base when one news organization dares to disobey the second rule. Call them “biased,” “failing,” or “unfair.”
            Four, watch your Q rating soar!
            Trump’s campaign is built on lies more than any other in recent memory.”


            Trump has demonstrated a complete ignorance of the Constitution time and again. America does need to care about America again, and that is accomplished by electing a statesman, not a narcissist. You said it yourself: his “power” is part of the show. It isn’t real power and it’s all a show.

          • TallDave says:

            Get educated about Trump!

            Policy: Trump’s supported partial-birth abortion, said he was “very pro-choice” and still praises Planned Parenthood. His position on healthcare is left of Obamacare — he wants to have Medicare set drug prices. His position on Iraq is “take their oil.” His position on Syria is let Russia take over and also create a fabulous safe zone “on the beach” (because hey, beachfront property!) and have the Chinese build factories (because hey, Chinese people love to build factories! even in war zones!). His position on immigration is to deport all illegals at massive expense using illegal searches, build a wall, get Mexico to pay for it — and then let everyone back in! Yes, Trump supports amnesty for all. Except the Muslims, even if they’re citizens, which, btw, is grossly unconstitutional not to mention bigoted and Stalinist. His trade war policy includes 45% tariffs on China and illegal taxes on US companies with factories in Mexico — left of even Bernie Sanders!

            Character: Trump University appears to have been nothing more than a classic bait-and-switch scam, according to state prosecutors. Trump’s dodged the draft with false medical claims then said McCain wasn’t a real war hero. He tried to use eminent domain and thug tactics to force an old woman out of her home to expand his casino, which went bankrupt. He told a baldfaced lie in the debates about being “loudly” against invading Iraq — there is no record of his opposition before 2003 and his 2000 book strongly supports the invasion. He’s called his opponents “anchor baby” and “p****y” and questioned their citizenship and said their faces are ugly and that they’re fake war heroes and bad doctors. He’s been divorced twice with at least three separate allegation of abuse. He lost his partners billions of dollars by driving his companies into multiple bankruptcies, most recently in 2009. His tied to organized crime have been well-documented.

            Electability: Trump is radioactive among independents and Democrats, with by far the worst favorability and trustworthiness numbers — fear of Trump will boost Democrat turnout to record levels even as his boorishness and left-wing positions keep conservatives at home on Election Day. He has the highest negatives among these groups of any GOP candidate — despite being the most left-wing GOP candidate.

            Don’t be a low-information voter!

        • Jack Striker says:

          Since, again, I can’t reply to you, I’ll leave you with the knowledge that I am joyful that the next eight years will be absolutely psychological torture for you.

          And there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it.

    • mat says:

      Having been around at the time, no, there is no difference between Reagan and Trump. They demeaned him exactly the same way as they’re trying to with Trump. Reagan caught the same flap from the GOP, and was a liberal democrat until they went off the rails into socialism land in the 60’s. He saw the commie backed socialist first hand in Hollywood, and knew McCarthy was right. You should read his book…

      With both of them, it was/is all about the message….

  3. Pops says:

    I’m REALLY looking forward to Wednesday morning…. Go Trump!

  4. Pops says:

    And I’ll be back here to GLOAT on Wednesday morning…. Go Trump!

  5. Pops says:

    And what’s with all the b@llsh*t, Jonathan P? Don’t be so PC. If you’re going to say bullshit, say bullshit…. Go Trump!

  6. Pops says:

    Oh yes, and I forgot the Pope. My god, if Trump can make even the Pope drop to his knees and ask for forgiveness, there can be no stopping him…. Go Trump!

    With apologies to Tony for the possible abuse of his forum.

  7. Jonathan P says:

    Yeah, sorry Tony. :) Got a little carried away. I just care about this country and fear for the future of my children. I understand the current POTUS has us headed down the toilet, but I don’t want to hasten the day of its destruction. I wish there were a man of integrity I could vote for…

  8. Pops says:

    Can’t seem to reply to a reply… perhaps I’m a stupid democrap….

    Calm yourself, Jonathan P. It will soon be Wednesday morning, and you’ll be able to leave mummy’s basement and breathe a fresh breath of Trump-laden air…. Go Trump!

    Again, apologies to Tony… but you did start this.

    • Jonathan P says:

      Funny line about mummy’s basement. I’m prepared for Wednesday morning because, while I care deeply about this country and don’t want to see it destroyed, my security and happiness don’t depend on this country’s success or even its survival.

  9. TallDave says:

    Trump is already radioactive among Dems and independents. He has no chance in a general election. Even if Hillary is indicted.

    The fact the GOP seems to be nominating a vulgar, clueless con man says more about the GOP than Trump.

    • Jack Striker says:

      Since, again, I can’t reply to you, I’ll leave you with the knowledge that I am joyful that the next eight years will be absolutely psychological torture for you.

      And there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it.

    • Dave G says:

      Why is he now leading in polls over Clinton if he is so “radioactive”. You are a fool. If we don’t stop Immigration NOW… the country as you know it is done…. If it isn’t already.

  10. Pops says:

    Seven from eleven! Go Trump! Great night, and more to come on the 5th and the 15th – plus a few in between.

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