Confirmation Bias In Climate Science


The National Center For Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado has this 15 year old “educational” video in their lobby, blaming the rise in the North Atlantic Oscillation on your car. The video also says that the NAO is the primary driver of climate in the Northern Hemisphere.

At the time they made the video, the NAO had already started a twenty year decline, which brought it to its lowest levels on record by 2010. Utterly clueless science.

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Climate scientists constantly blame phenomena on CO2, without the slightest evidence other than some short term correlation cherry-picked from one leg of a cycle.

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  1. darrylb says:

    I have been gradually looking at the relationship between ocean oscillations and sea ice melt.
    The difficulty in determining anything is that there are so many cycles causing forcings, , and the magnitude of each forcing may vary within in a cycle, so it is very hard to isolate a single forcing from what might be considered noise.

    I would consider a more dominate forcing is found in a cycle of a millennium plus or minus about 200 years. So we have a Roman Warm Period, Dark Ages (not much info there) a medieval warm period, the Little Ice Age and then today. — and we could be in the beginning of a long term cooling cycle, again just could be.
    Has anyone determined the amount of climate hysteria gleaned from about 1975 to about 2,000?

  2. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thanks primarily to my research mentor, an extremely talented nuclear, geo-, cosmo- chemist from the Imperial University of Tokyo and the University of Arkansas, I was able to put together the following tentative pieces of a ~500 year mystery:

    1. Copernicus reported the FORCE comes from a giant fountain of energy at the gravitational center of the Solar System in 1543.

    2. The Catholic Church arrested, charged and convicted Galileo of heresy at the Inquisition in 1633 for telling others what Copernicus discovered. Galileo lived out the rest of his life under house arrest for teaching Earth orbits the Sun. For his role in initiating the scientific revolution, Galileo became known as the “Father of Modern Science.”

    3. Richard Carrington observed how Earth is connected to the FORCE in the Sun in Sept 1859 via the magnetic fields of sunspots and Earth’s magnetic field.

    4. Kazuo Kuroda, a nuclear geochemist at the University of Tokyo, recognized the FORCE as the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima in Aug 1945

    5. A news blackout of events at Konan, Korea in Aug-Sept 1945 left the public unaware the course of world history abruptly changed before nations united on 24 Oct 1945

    6. The nature of the FORCE is still indelibly recorded in exact masses of 3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter. Although Stalin took over the Popes’s failed attempt to hide the FORCE that gives and sustains life in the universe after WWII:

    Oliver K. Manuel

  3. gator69 says:

    It is truly incredible to think that the same folks who believe solar panels can provide enough energy to power the entire world, also believe that the Sun cannot possibly be responsible for temperature changes of a few degrees.

  4. markstoval says:

    “Climate scientists constantly blame phenomena on CO2, without the slightest evidence other than some short term correlation cherry-picked from one leg of a cycle.”

    That is just the whole thing in one sentence. They are not doing science at all — hell, 8th graders do better science than these clowns.

  5. gregole says:

    Confirmation bias? In my view, Climate Science has flown right past confirmation bias into pathological science:

  6. Robertv says:

    I see you use a big bicycle saddle. Good for a long trip. Does it have any effect on your CO2 footprint ?

  7. eliza says:

    probably Ot but I don’t think the tiawanaku worried about climate hahah

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