Trump on Global Warming : “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.”

Donald Trump: The real estate mogul has repeatedly written tweets skeptical of global warming. Trump has called global warming a “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.” He views policies created to fight global warming as hurting U.S. manufacturing competitiveness with China.

Here’s Where The 2016 Candidates Stand On Global Warming | The Daily Caller

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12 Responses to Trump on Global Warming : “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.”

  1. mat says:

    Of course Bernie is the most vocal. I asked a Bernie/socialist fan about the socialist Putin in Russia. He said Putin was different. I said yes he is, he’s in a socialist country, and pointed out that socialist are only for liberal things that blowup a current system that restricts their power. After control is achieved, and even if they are pure in their socialist beliefs, the individual liberties, by necessity are gone…

  2. BBould says:

    Go Trump!

  3. Billyjack says:

    The purpose of any government program is to generate massive confiscation of money so that it may be stolen by the government elites and their cronies. The propaganda of creating a “war” on poverty, drugs, terror is so people will sacrifice their property and liberty for the created common cause and not ask questions about who and where the money is distributed. The “war on CO2” is no different. Whenever it is discovered that the money has actually been stolen it is described as “waste and inefficiency”, but none of the corrupt politicians or MSM ever ask a simple question. To whose bank account did the “waste and inefficiency” get deposited?

  4. Mike Mangan says:

    Trump, the climate skeptic, gets into office and promptly nominates some moderate squish to the Supreme Court. The Court subsequently rules in favor of the economy-killing EPA for the next 39 years. Go Cruz!!

    • Dan Kurt says:

      Cruz is too smart so he doesn’t have a chance to connect with the voters whose mean IQ is clearly 2 SDs below his own IQ ( read Greatness by Simonton (ISBN-10: 0898622018).

      Trump is going to win because he understands ONE point that is crucial: immigration must be curtailed ASAP, first illegal then (hopefully) legal. The citizens of the USA of all races palpably know this but he appears to be the only politician running that senses it.

      Dan Kurt

  5. ossqss says:

    Here is a great Trump theme song. I wonder if he reads this blog Tony?

    I am tired of the SOP in politics. It is time for a revolution.

  6. Yes, I believe that Trumpleberry really believes this, as much as I believe Newt “The” Grinch when he snuggles on the couch with Pelosi. Or lies about snuggling with Pelosi.

  7. mat says:

    Anyone catch the story of the muslim babysitter beheading the 4 year old little girl in Moscow? Then parading around holding it up yelling Allahu Akbar’?

    Well I’ve finally figured out why they call Muslim a religion of peace. It’s not the “peace” of “freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.” It’s the “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.” As in Peace and quiet. Silence the women folk etc.. And which of course would apply to loud 4 year old little girls as well…

  8. Doug says:

    Donald “strengthen the libel laws” Trump? No thanks.

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