Hayhoe Climate Delusions

Katharine Hayhoe makes her living fear mongering about the climate of West Texas (and beyond.) But there isn’t the slightest indication that the climate in West Texas is changing.






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23 Responses to Hayhoe Climate Delusions

  1. omanuel says:

    The AGW debate is a modern re-enactment of the classical battle between

    1. The selfish but foolish rulers of Earth, and
    2. The selfless Creator and Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system, . . .


    indelibly recorded in exact rest masses of 3,000 types of atoms compromising all matter:


    • omanuel says:

      World leaders thought they could win the battle by hiding from the public the source of energy that powers the cosmos, the Sun and sustains our lives.

      The layman term for loss of contact with reality is INSANITY!.

      • omanuel says:

        As US lawmakers expand the investigation of the global warming


        AGW promoters fear the public will learn the whole truth:

      • omanuel says:

        Forgiveness will be recommended for seventy (1946-2016) years of deceit of the public in a paper that I expect to posted here later today or tomorrow.

        • Oliver,

          I would really appreciate if you didn’t post your forgiveness paper and other repeated comments like the sampling above on this blog and I suspect strongly I am not alone.

        • gator69 says:

          I suspect strongly I am not alone.

          Just ask the guy next to you, he will know.

          And as an aside I do agree that Oliver’s posts are the definition of spam, and not appreciated by 97% of skeptics.

        • Barbara says:

          omanuel: I suggest you send your paper to [email protected] This group led by quite a brilliant man, E. Calvin Beisner, is the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. You will find them very attuned to your views and if you can make contact, a most congenial audience.
          Good luck.

        • Andy DC says:


          If you were king of the world ,what would you do to make the world a better place?

          The composition of the sun and how it runs is obviously very important to you. I respect you and assume you know what you are talking about. But why should it be important to the average person in the street.? How does it affect their life?


        • omanuel says:

          Barbara, Andy DC and Steven Goddard aka Tony Heller,

          Thank you for allowing me to post, and to discuss, here unpopular but scientifically correct information that has been hidden from the public for the past seventy years (1946-2016).

          Why should this information be important to the average person in the street? How does it affect their lives?

          This information will accelerate society’s awakening to:

          1. The physical reality of a nearby benevolent power, higher than any and all totalitarian politicians and world leaders: The Creator and Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system:


          2. The similarity of physical reality from modern science to the spiritual reality of our ancestors – over all recorded history. See the prayer of Native American, Yellow Lark:


          3. The abuse of government science after WWII to replace formerly independent national governments (designed by the people to protect inalienable rights granted by their Creator) with a totalitarian, one-world government over all humanity – deceptively disguised as utopia.

          4. We have been enslaved by misinformation, exactly as George Orwell predicted in the book he started writing in 1946: “Nighteen Eighty-Four”!

        • omanuel says:

          The broken link is to the image of the Sun’s pulsar core.

          While looking at that image (above), read
          _ a.) Yellow Lark’s Prayer and/or the
          _ b.) US Declaration of Independence

          and you will understand why the average person in the street should care about information hidden from the public for the past seventy years.

    • omanuel says:

      It was no mere coincidence that Ranjendra Pachauri simultaneously headed the

      1. UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and
      2. The Energy Institute at Tata

      since UN’s IPCC primary purpose was to hide the source of energy that actually powers the Sun and controls Earth’s climate.


    • Decoded: Space Ghost really is an altruist. The politicians in power “aren’t really” altruists.
      This actually does have something to do with global warming, but not in a good way. Looters can point to this and other superstitious nonsense and say “See? see? Only delusional whack jobs doubt our consensus that capitalism is frying the planet.” Science does not bundle well with altruism or other revealed faiths.

  2. The Great Walrus says:


    Could you please give it a rest with the cosmos-sun-WWII-creation of elements-suppresion of truth stuff? I think everyone is sick of seeing it here, and also on numerous other blogs. You’ve made your point (whatever that may be). The sheer repetition is getting painful, and furthermore, most of it is completely off topic. I’m sure you know a great deal about certain scientific fields, but please harness that knowledge to write something useful about modern climate “science”. For example, some kind of analysis of climate data from recent decades, or discussion of recent climate papers — rather than endlessly regurgitating your views on supposed political-military suppressions of many decades ago. Thanks in advance!

  3. lorne50 says:

    TGW. +100,000,000 I have ask him that before but he stopped for awhile and is now back at it ! Omaneul now I will ask for a band on your posts just like what happened at WUWT . BYE

  4. gator69 says:

    When it comes to growth, three of the top five cities in the US are in Texas. Apparently only the choir is listening to Katy.

  5. Peter Yates says:

    More “delusions”. This time by one of the alarmist faithful people on a SpaceX Facebook post!

    ~ *Justin Garcia*: [To:] Elon Musk & SpaceX … With the undeniable effects of the climate changing, do you feel that this could dampen the feasibility of space travel?
    ~ *Pete M Yates*: … Fortunately there isn’t any atmosphere in Space. So, any possible changes to the Earth’s climate has zero effect on Space travel.

    You begin to wonder if there is anything left that *can’t be blamed on [imaginary] climate change! (Of course, we know that the troposphere temperature component of the global climate has been relatively static for the last 18 years.)

  6. Andy Oz says:

    Katherine Hayhoe can only be one of two things:
    1) Delusional in her “Belief in Human Induced Climate Change” and therefore in denial of historical unadjusted data (temperature, rainfall, extreme weather events, etc). In this case, nothing can be said that will convince her otherwise until at some point in time, way off in the future, she might finally have an epiphany and realise that this a multi government sponsored program to introduce a global taxation regime.
    2) or she fully understand and supports the driving forces of the political climate propaganda. In which case she is part of or employed by the global cabal that is intent on one world government funded by a global carbon tax and the replacement of democratic countries (Australia, USA, UK), and the individual liberty their citizens enjoy, with a totalitarian unelected dictatorship which the UN/IMF/EU currently is.

    Either way, its an indication of narrow minded thinking – she is ignorant or marxist.
    Thus she is irrelevant to the scientific argument but an excellent target for political attacks.
    “Climate Change” has been a political argument for many years now, since Al Gore got involved.
    My view is that politics is always personal as evidenced by the current US Presidential Race.

  7. Jack Barton says:

    I’ve lived in west texas for 57 years, am outdoors all the time by profession (hydrogeologist and environmental geoscientist), and can state emphatically that the ‘climate’ has changed here since 2010. 2011-2012 were BRUTAL summers here, drying up most of the lakes that weren’t already emptied from the population explosion we were experiencing at that time. However, the temps have been abnormally ‘cool’ since the fall/winter of 2012/2013. Very pleasant, temp-wise, with above average moisture the last few years.
    It’s called west texas weather… errr, climate.

  8. Roger Cohen says:

    it is so tiresome to be presented with th machinations of those delusional puffed up self righteous moralizing goof balls who know no science but stand ready to tell everyone else how to live.

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