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What Comes Next After Paris?

Word is that President Trump is keeping his campaign promise and will bail the US out of the fake and disastrous Paris “Climate” Treaty. Progressives will predictably start blaming all bad weather on the President, like they blamed witches for bad … Continue reading

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Ice Gain In The Beaufort Sea Since Last Year

Last year on this date, the Beaufort Sea was largely ice free. This year the Beaufort Sea is full of ice, prompting professional climate fraudsters to say sea ice extent is at a record low.

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May 31, 1934

On this date in 1934, nearly 20% of the US was over 100 degrees, with temperatures in Minnesota reaching 112 degrees – about 40 degrees hotter than today. May 31, 1934 was spectacularly hot, but all recent years have been … Continue reading

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New Video : NASA Data Tampering Wrecking Science

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NASA Climate – Destroyers Of Science And History

Measured temperatures in Iceland show a cyclical pattern, with the late 1930’s warmer than the present. The measured data doesn’t fit NASA’s theory about CO2 driving climate, so they cool past temperatures to create the appearance of a warming trend. … Continue reading

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CO2 Driven Climate Chaos In Boulder

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Memorial Day Canoeing In Fort Collins

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More Spectacular Fraud At Climate Central

Nobody tells more blatant lies about climate than Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central. Here is a whopper. They claim that 80 degree days are coming earlier at Milwaukee, and start their graph during the cold 1970’s – as if there isn’t any … Continue reading

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November 9, 2016 – Celebrating In Canberra!

President Trump’s supporters in Australia are counting on him dumping the fake Paris “climate” treaty.

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Think Of The Little Ones

Carbon pollution from the Valmont power plant is a major contributor to the permanent drought in Colorado. If you look into the eyes of these animals grazing next to Kevin Trenberth’s National Center for Atmospheric Research, you can see their … Continue reading

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