Ask And Ye Shall Recieve

Anonymous troll makes request, suffers massive fail.

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23 Responses to Ask And Ye Shall Recieve

  1. Gator69 says:

    Children just won’t know what debate is anymore.

    Tip: When debating, never ask a question to which you do not know the answer.

    • Steve Case says:

      When debating, never ask a question to which you do not know the answer.

      Bingo (-:

      The question I ask when I have the opportunity is:

      Given today’s concentration and annual rate of increase, how much will methane run up global temperatures by 2100?

    • arn says:

      These people cannot debate as their only
      answers are calling someone named like:Nazi.

      As they knew they’d be able to win a debate
      they’d never implemented political correctness.

      Political correctness is to destroy a debate before it started
      as this is their only way to keep a lie alive.

      An open climate debate in the past decades would have never led to such an absurd situation as most people would now about all the failed predictions and about the global cooling scare of the 70ies.

      An open debate about islam would have made people know that in islam
      pedophilia and slavery is legal and jihad is mandatory for every muslim.
      (thx god most muslim do not practice it)
      That sharia is a 100% apartheid system where women are second class citizens,
      owners of the scriptures(jews&christians&zoroa.) are 3rd class citizens who must pay protection money(jiyza),
      slaves are the fourth class
      and unbelievers have the choice:convert or die
      and apostates get killed.

      These progressives know very well how full of shit they and their ideas are
      and that the only thing they have to sell you is shit-
      therefore debates must be stiffled from the beginning
      as that’s the only way people will acceppt their shit.

      They always pretend to sell you caviar while in fact
      inside their caviar box is always shit
      therefore they make you worship their promises(=the caviar box)
      so that you never dare to ask about the content and the taste of it.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      But he cherrypicked all US stations again! And without any scientific adjustments! Wrong graph!

  2. Myron Mesecke says:

    So you post data that is relevant to the date you post it and get accused of cherry picking?
    Not sure if that is sad or humorous.

  3. Eric Barnes says:

    I’d assume that all trends for daily hi temps are negative over the past century. What’s probably equally entertaining is the massive spike for minimums. Ooooh. Dangerous warming! How will we survive the scourge of warm asphalt at night?

  4. Patrick says:

    Looks like about 2.5F drop over the past 100 years to me. How did you factor out the “UHI Effect”? … or had they already adjusted it into the raw data? Still not sure how they could do that very efficiently.

    The 1192 US HCN stations are well documented and preserved (with a few past exceptions). Now I’m not sure if I trust the rest of the World’s data since we backed off of the Paris Agreement. We now know that most of those countries were in it for the $$$ to fight climate change. Showing more warming and more tragedies related to temperature changes was proving to be a winning strategy.

    Glad we have a good skepticism here in the U.S.

  5. Steve Case says:

    Stewart Pid … at 2:36 pm
    What is really sad is that in the mind of the leftards Tony cherry picks the day on a daily basis …. so deplorable!!

    Those daily calendars with 365 jokes, trivia and suchlike are a bit out of vogue now, but Tony’s daily assault on the conventional wisdom of Global Warming/Climate Change would be a good fodder for such a publication.

  6. Brad says:

    So what was the troll’s response?

    • tonyheller says:

      He asked if the data was raw or adjusted and for a link to the data.
      NOAA doesn’t adjust daily data, which is why I use it.

      • Andy DC says:

        You have produce hundreds if not thousands of charts that show long term cooling for many locations on various given days. Not only days, but months or series of months. If you just picked one day out of the blue that showed cooling, anyone might assume that you are cherry picking.

        But you have shown so many cases for so many locations, that you definitely have blown a huge hole in the alarmists’ conclusion. That there is catastrophic warming taking place that requires draconian solutions. Like throwing our Constitution out the window and instead imbracing world communism. Like giving up all of the conveniences, comforts and freedoms we enjoy, while Gore and DiCaprio at the same time are flying to and from their mansions, with their Hollywood buddies and super model “girlfriends”, in their private jets.

        If you looked hard enough at your data, you might find a warming trend somewhere. But that is not your job. The alarmists are the ones that say that global warming is going to kill us all. Let them try to prove it with the very same data set of actual temperatures. I bet they can’t.

  7. Dr. Rob says:

    The NOAA is such a trustworthy organization. Here is their webpage today:

    • AZ1971 says:

      I put no stock in the claims made by NOAA or NASA regarding the global average temperature (by month, quarter, or year) because
      1. the resolution is pathetic;
      2. the infill is obscene;
      3. the areas with the greatest levels of “warming” are the most poorly sampled,
      4. the algorithm they use changes, on a frequent basis, monthly anomalies of “record cold” to “warmer than average” or worse, once smoothed—and quite often, over those same areas with the weakest sampling and greatest infill.

      I am of the opinion that we do not know what the current global temperature is, never have, and never will.

      • Squidly says:

        There is strong argument that it is impossible to actually know the average global temperature. I’m not sure if it is necessarily impossible, but it most certainly is outside of our current abilities and like so for many centuries to come.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “The NOAA is such a trustworthy organization. ”


      What HAVE you been smoking, Dr Rob??

    • gator69 says:

      Amazing that the the NOAA can knowa what the global temperature is, when nobody else does. They must use some super special and powerful Ouija boards and chicken bones to arrive at a “global” temperature from such a small sampling of sparse weather stations. And good for the NOAA for being so open about their Young Earth beliefs.

      May the Farce be with you Dr Rob.

  8. John Smith says:

    Doesn’t even Hansen admit the record for CONUS shows no warming?
    Their argument is that the global record (mostly made up including fake ocean temps) when added shows ‘global’ warming.
    Sort of a reserve cherry pick.

  9. ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

    It’d be funny watching the troll trip over his fingers tying to explain what he reckons global temps should be.

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