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Ask And Ye Shall Recieve

Anonymous troll makes request, suffers massive fail.

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Australian Birthers Cut Me Out Of The Picture

The new birthers! Australian newspapers – who loved Welsh prime minister Jullia Gillard and were very angry over questions about Obama’s birthplace – are trying to get rid of climate skeptic Malcolm Roberts by claiming he isn’t Australian. Progressives are busy … Continue reading

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Plummeting July 26 Temperatures In The US

Over the past century, July 26 afternoon temperatures have dropped almost three degrees. The hottest July 26 occurred in 1930, when most of the US east of the Rockies was above 100F. This sort of heat is incomprehensible now and … Continue reading

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My Current Ice-Free Arctic Forecast

Climate experts say the Arctic is already ice-free, and that an area larger than Texas is zero size. Arctic could become ice-free for first time in more than 100,000 years, claims leading scientist | The Independent The actual Arctic Ocean … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like An Obama Democrat

Obama’s Constitutional Law Professor believes that Boy Scouts are Nazis, and actual violent fascists are freedom fighters. Tribe also admits that the Russia probe has nothing to do with Russia, and is a witch hunt into Trump’s finances. Apparently no … Continue reading

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More Russian Fake News

Fake news Russia Today is claiming Greenland’s surface is melting down and will drown millions of people. The images they provided show no sign of melt. Actual data from the Danish Meteorological Institute shows that Greenland’s surface has gained a … Continue reading

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Climate Scam Has Less Time Than They Thought

A new study by top climate fraudster Michael Mann says “we” have less time than “we” thought to stop global warming. Actually, “we” thought Michael Mann is a liar and crook and global warming is a scam, but putting that … Continue reading

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