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NSW Celebrates US Independence Day With Record Cold. BOM Immediately Erases.

Hot weather is climate. Cold weather, and hotter weather from the past, is to be erased. Canberra weather: Capital shivers through another cold morning Bureau Erases Goulburn Record Minimum Temperature: Set Sunday 2 July 2017 – Jennifer Marohasy

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New Video : Steven Hawking Takes Climate Stupid To An Entirely New Level

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New Video : July 4th Arctic Fake News Update

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More Trouble Ahead For Climate Alarmists

N_daily_extent.png (420×500) Climate experts promised us an ice-free Arctic in 2017, but with cold weather forecast over the Beaufort Sea in a week, and only 60 days left to the melt season, that might be rough. 10-Day Temperature Outlook Reggie better … Continue reading

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The Incredible Heat Of July 4, 1936

On this date in 1936, it was 114 degrees at Omaha, Nebraska and almost the entire country was over 90 degrees. Alarmists get hysterical when it gets that hot in Arizona now.

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Another Fake Excuse From Climate Alarmists

Zeke Hausfather claims that my US temperature statistics are skewed by “changing station composition.” His argument is that changes over time in the mean latitude of the set of USHCN stations, affects the data. Zeke says the data has to … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought Scientists Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Stupider …

Hawking attacks Trump: US president will cause ‘250 degree temperatures – like VENUS’ | Science | News | Express.co.uk 450 million years ago, CO2 levels were 10X current values and Earth was in an ice age. Venus is hot because it … Continue reading

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