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July 22, 1926 – 109 Degrees In Troy, New York

The highest temperature ever recorded in New York State was 109 degrees on this date in 1926. This was followed shortly thereafter by the most destructive hurricane in US history, which wrecked most of Miami. 20 Sep 1926, Page 1 … Continue reading

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Climate Mafia Strikes Again : This Time With Satellite Sea Level Data

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Recycling Mindless Fear

Experts say New York will drown. New York and London could be underwater within DECADES due to climate change | Same story as 1934. 15 Apr 1934, Page 33 – The Lincoln Star The only difference is that unlike now, … Continue reading

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Climate Mafia At Work On Sea Level

One week after they forced Carl Mears into compliance over satellite temperatures, the climate mafia has forced the University of Colorado into compliance over satellite sea level measurements. The numbers didn’t add up. Even as Earth grew warmer and glaciers … Continue reading

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A Long History Of European Heat And Drought

Your SUV made rivers in Europe dry up in the year 1132. In 1152, it was hot enough in Europe to cook eggs in the sand. Many soldiers died from the heat in 1160, during the non-recently erased Medieval Warm … Continue reading

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Exxon Knew

An 1840 book explaining global warming. Extraordinary_Popular

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