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Ten Years Into The Gavin Schmidt Permanent Lake Powell Drought

Ten tears ago, NASA’s top climate guru, Gavin Schmidt announced the Lake Powell permanent drought. And like all good snake oil salesmen, Gavin offered a cure which required billions or trillions of dollars. Gavin’s Climate Book Despite draining the lake … Continue reading

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The Ozone Hole Never Mattered

The Ozone Hole peak size hasn’t changed since the CFC ban was implemented, but it never mattered anyway.  Here is why. It forms every year during 24 hours of darkness in the Antarctic winter, and disappears as soon as the … Continue reading

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New Video : Just When You Thought California Couldn’t Get Any Stupider

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A Wonderful Opportunity To Put This Scam Down

Two counties by the San Francisco Bay and San Diego County are suing “Big Oil” over rising sea levels. Marin, San Mateo counties sue Big Oil over climate change – SFGate Apparently no one told these left-wing morons that sea … Continue reading

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David Vs. A Pathetic Goliath

Alarmists get billions in funding. Skeptics get little or no funding. Yet the climate Goliath keeps insisting they are outnumbered.  Thus proving that science, facts and reality beats big money lies every time. Minnesota was 117 degrees in 1917, but … Continue reading

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Walking The Dogs Through The South Boulder Wetlands

I spend hours a day out in the last open space separating Boulder from Denver, Metro. The progressive City of Boulder voted last week to destroy this critical wildlife habitat.

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July 19, 1934 – Every State Over 90 Degrees

July 19, 1934 was one of the hottest days in US history. Every state recorded temperatures over 90 degrees, and the average maximum temperature across the US was 95 degrees. The only other year which came close was two years … Continue reading

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