July 10, 1911 – Hottest Day On Record In Maine

On this date in 1911, the US had temperatures over 100F from California to Maine. Maine reached 105 degrees, the hottest temperature ever recorded there.

Atmospheric CO2 was 300 PPM.

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4 Responses to July 10, 1911 – Hottest Day On Record In Maine

  1. Theyouk says:

    Someone needs to sit this author down and share a bit of info on a subject often called ‘Reality’: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/when-will-the-planet-be-too-hot-for-humans-much-much-sooner-than-you-imagine/ar-BBE6TNd?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=ientp Too many factually incorrect assertions/assumptions to count!!!

  2. R. Shearer says:

    63 years ago in Boulder, the July 10th high was 100F; on successive days the highs were 104, 103 and 102F (July 13). There has been no string of highs this hot since then, and the highs in the mid 90’s that we’re experiencing today are mild by comparison.

  3. MG says:

    I hope this doesn’t sound like a crazy question… In 1911, the stations must have been using mercury in glass tube thermometer. Are they still using these types of thermometers today? I’d assume mercury in glass tube, once sealed and calibrated, is more accurate than an electronic temperature censor just because of the properties of mercury. I guess you can screw up the reading though. I have this vision of someone, maybe more than one person, in 1911 riding their horse to the weather station, reading the thermometer and jotting the temperature down, and then transcribing it into a permanent ledger or something like that. In any case, I’m wondering if a switch from mercury to an electronic thermometer had or will have any impact on the temperature readings? Also, it seems the person who reads the temperature decides everything; true measure or adjust the measurement up. I’m wondering is there a check on the accuracy of the measurement? Can someone alter the original “actual” reading?…or is that just not practical? I know, it sounds so cynical! Finally, you probably mentioned this before, but what is your source for temperature data? Is there a link where I can download all temperatures and station information? Is there more than one source? Is there a source that hasn’t been manipulated in any way?…real actual measurements. Thanks

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