July 10, 1913 – 134 Degrees In California

On this date in 1913, Greenland Ranch, California reached 134 degrees – the hottest temperature ever recorded.


Unlike the vast majority of the thermometers used by Steven Mosher and Berkeley Earth to generate their fake global temperature graph, this measurement was taken using very high quality equipment and standard methodology.


Almost all of California was over 100 degrees that day. Zion National park in Utah was 108 degrees. Yosemite National Park, much of which is currently buried in snow, was 100 degrees.

Greenhouse gases were extremely low concentration at that location. CO2 was only 300 PPM, and the most important greenhouse gas, H2O, was also at very low concentrations on that date.

Climatologists claim that hot weather is associated with high levels of greenhouse gases, but there is zero evidence to back up this wildly fraudulent claim.

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11 Responses to July 10, 1913 – 134 Degrees In California

  1. Steve Case says:

    You need another color pin, maybe two for temperatures over 110 and 120 (-:

  2. Rah says:

    For those not familiar with this information. The location in Death Valley then known as “Greenland Ranch” is now known as “Furnace Creek”.

    • Frank K. says:

      I was looking up the historic temperature data for Greenland Ranch on Intellicast.com and it is found under “Death Valley, CA”. Fortunately, they still have the record high as 134F for July 10 (1913)!

      • Rah says:

        Furnace Creek is what Greenland Ranch was. Death Valley is an area. It was the location of the Harmony Borax mines. I’ve been there.

  3. GW Smith says:

    Hi Tony – I was wondering what you have to say about this new “pressure” theory of climate — http://www.wnd.com/2017/07/study-blows-greenhouse-theory-out-of-the-water/

  4. Ernest Bush says:

    Good morning. It’s not particularly hot in Yuma, Az. Supposed to be in the 10- range for the next 10 days.

    I haven’t commented much in the last couple years, but I still read your site almost daily. Glad to see that more politicians are listening to you.

  5. Andy DC says:

    An alarmist smear campaign has been in progress to take down that record. Observer allegedlywas a heavy drinker with mental problems. Station did not fit in with surrounding observations.

    Isn’t it nice to destroy the reputation of someone who cannot defend himself 100+ years later? It sounds to me that the record is extremely well documented and if it seemed questionable, why were not these issues brought up at the time? The reason why is that we did not have political attack dogs in 1913, linked at the hip to weather and climate issues, with a huge ax to grind.

    • tonyheller says:

      Temperatures at other California stations are always much lower than Death Valley. That argument is completely bogus.

    • Rah says:

      Man, you would think that people have never been to Death Valley before and can’t grasp how a very low desert nestled between mountains could be hotter than the surrounding higher and less arid land.

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