Plummeting July 28 Temperatures In The US

US July 28 afternoon temperatures have dropped almost two degrees over the past century.

On July 28, 1931 the average afternoon temperature of the US was 94 degrees. There were 90F+ readings in every state. and 100 degree readings coast to coast and north to south. Norwalk, Ohio was 100 degrees on July 28, 1931. Today’s forecast high is 76 degrees.

If we had temperatures like that now, climate scientists would be 100% certain it was due to increased CO2 emissions, and would demand immediate world communism.

Alarmists complain that I focus on the US, and the US is only 5% of the Earth’s surface. There is very good reason to focus on the US. About 90% of the useful long-term temperature record is located in the US.  It is impossible to do this sort of analysis in any other large region.


The idea of a global temperature record is a complete farce, because we don’t have long term min/max data over 95% of the planet.

As heatwaves become less common and less severe, criminals known as “climate scientists” and their cohorts in the press continue to lie to the public about heatwaves.

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8 Responses to Plummeting July 28 Temperatures In The US

  1. Steve Case says:

    … and would demand immediate world communism.

    or worse !

  2. TimA says:

    It’s probably a good idea that , from now on when you read the word criminal in a newspaper article, just replace it with “climate scientists”. A headline might read “Climate Scientists Rob Local Bank” etc. Actually , that might sully the definition of criminal as we know it!

  3. Psalmon says:

    Either Stephen Hawking has gone full Climate Stupid or he’s been hijacked by the Climate Mafia (or worse, kidnapped) who now trot him out to spout their talking points. I don’t know how his “voice” works, but these two quotes look suspiciously scripted:

    “We are close to the tipping point, where global warming becomes irreversible,” he said.

    “Trump’s action could push the earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250C, and raining sulfuric acid.”

    Then in the article Michael Mann jumps in for a quote???


    • arn says:

      This guy has gone full stupid-not just on climate.

      It’s not that he is just parroting the decade old AGW parole 1:1=
      The eternal “we are so close to the tipping point”.

      We have passed this tipping point/of no return several times according to different scientists.

      He also suggested not long ago that mankind can only be saved by moving to another planet.
      Though moving to another planet+terraforming+journey
      would cost us 1 trillion times more than fixing problems on planet earth-
      but this guy is cocksure that moving to a shittier planet than earth
      with 1000* worse living conditions and starting from the very beginning
      is the best solution.

      Another time he said that contact with aliens may end in the destruction
      of mankind comparing it to what happened to native americans
      when america was colonized.
      (though there is no reason for a super advanced alien species to destroy one of the few planets with live when they have billions of planets without life to choose from and a single planet can provide an entire species for a billion years,as superadvanced space travelling species are 100% able to dig their own ressources 3000 miles deep out of the ground instead of the max. 3 miles we are able right now)
      And this very same Hawking also ask to try to make contact to aliens
      when possible.

      How the hell can you be in favour of contacting aliens when you think that they’ll destroy you???

      Btw- some time ago he also called for the elites to solve problems on planet earth.
      That somehow sounds very centralised communistic(what else)
      and like a conspiracy loon- i mean,if you are politicaly correct
      socialist you know that a thing like the elite does not exist,
      as you don’t know a thing about the meetings of the elites at the bilderbergers,
      or at the bohamian grove(incl. a very strange ceremony called “crematory of care”)
      You also don’t know that 1913 the dollar was highjacked by an organised cartel of bankers called FED which is 100% owned by private bankers.

      That’s why i don’t understand which elite he was talking about:)

      • Abu Nudnik says:

        I agree with some of this, not others. CAGW is a mass hysteria movement. If Venus really was like Earth, catastrophic change can occur without intelligent life: I’m sure Hawking has never surmised Venutians with a high enough intelligence to wreck Venus.

        On space travel, we disagree. Eventually, Earth will be uninhabitable because the Sun will supernova. Since we can imagine it, we should begin a project spanning many hundreds of years to make enormous ships for travel. Massive globalization and robotization will mean time and energy freed up to pursue other goals. I can’t think of many goals more exciting.

  4. David Jay says:


    Have you noticed the DMI Ice Volume graph? The 2017 trace has been hidden under the “average” line for almost the entire month of July, with just a quick appearance about a week into the month.

  5. Andy DC says:

    What is 50 C? About 122 F? When is the last time France was anywhere near that temperature? That is about as likely as little green aliens (not Mexicans, the outer space type) invading Earth. This is a very ridiculous and absurd attempt to frighten the dumbest of the dumb. Like we are going to get 20-30 F of warming from a beneficial gas that constitutes .04% of the atmosphere?

    Why would the US somehow escape global warming affecting the rest of the world when we have over the years been such a large greenhouse gas emitter? It would make absolutely no sense.

  6. Bloke down the pub says:

    Alarmists complain that I focus on the US, and the US is only 5% of the Earth’s surface. There is very good reason to focus on the US. About 90% of the useful long-term temperature record is located in the US. It is impossible to do this sort of analysis in any other large region.
    It’s odd that the map you show from Peterson & Vose does not show any thermometer sites in the UK. Is this the result of their definition, or are they claiming the UK did not have any met stations in 1900?

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