Five Years Of Antarctic Temperature Fraud At NASA

In 2004, Gavin Schmidt reported decades of significant cooling over Antarctica.

Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

In 2005, NASA published a map showing the cooling.

SVS: Antarctic Heating and Cooling Trends

By 2007, NASA had completely erased the cooling.

Disintegration: Antarctic Warming Claims Another Ice Shelf : Feature Articles

And by 2009, NASA had turned all the cooling into warming.

NASA – Satellites Confirm Half-Century of West Antarctic Warming

Government climate scientists alter data at will, because they know they can get away with it and the press will refuse to ask any questions.  They have been given license to commit any level of fraud.

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14 Responses to Five Years Of Antarctic Temperature Fraud At NASA

  1. Rud Istvan says:

    One of your better visualizations. Simple and powerful. Permabookmarked.

  2. Cam says:

    From the 2005 visualization page: Please note, these are preliminary findings and there are errors associated with these trends. Scientists are currently working on ways of minimizing these errors to more precisely determine these trends.

    In other words, we will change the data to agree with the global warming scam rather than question the scam with accurate data.

  3. CO2isLife says:

    Note the localized warming over the Volcanos. There is no way for CO2 to cause localized warming, and there is no way for CO2 to know where the volcanos are. This is all fraud. If they were real scientists they would have focused on what would cause a temperature differential, something that can’t be caused by CO2 which is of constant concentration over the short run.

  4. Dale says:

    Thanks for the links to the actual pages containing the information discussed. This is greatly appreciated and adds significant value when we wish to use this information for reference in other discussions.

  5. garyh845 says:

    Needless to say, it’s rather settled that the Antarctic Peninsula has been on a cooling trend for the past 2 decades; approx 1 C.

  6. garyh845 says:

    And, my final view of this NASA nonsense:

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