Go Ahead – Make My Day

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9 Responses to Go Ahead – Make My Day

  1. AndyG55 says:

    You always were a straight-talker, Mr Eastwood. :-)

    Just say it how it is. :-)

  2. RAH says:

    Old enough that he doesn’t give a squat about what the rest of communist dominated Hollywood thinks. Successful and Loved enough his voice still carries far. Think I’ll watch one of his movies today. The best he ever made as director or producer IMO was ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ the worst? ‘The Gauntlet’.

    A little trivia. Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds were both fired from Paramount Pictures the same day. Paramount tried to make Reynolds into a leading ladies man and made him sing in ‘Paint Your Wagon’. They told Clint his adams apple protruded too much. They told Burt that he just didn’t have any talent.

  3. bleakshouses says:

    Clint is pretty tall so would have no need for it but I would have to call him and ask to borrow his empty chair to stand on while I hung that picture.

  4. Yaakov Haimovich says:

    Better than a S&W 0.44 Magnum :)

  5. Pathway says:

    The empty chair was one of the greatest political commentaries, ever. The pundits never got it.

  6. Squidly says:

    MAGA !!!

    Best President EVER !

  7. I love Clint Eastwood. I hope he and Squidly are right about Donald Trump being recognized as the greatest American president EVAH!

    Failing that I nominate Donald Trump as the best president since WWII:

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