Greenland Temperatures Declining For A Century

Before NOAA data tampering, temperatures at the capital of Greenland have been declining for a century.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

But to be fair, temperatures have actually been declining for at least 1,000 years – when Vikings farms were surrounded by forests.


Nuuk is now a frozen wasteland.  There are no trees growing.

This is all very inconvenient for climate scamsters at the US government, so they simply alter the data, to turn a Greenland cooling trend into a warming trend.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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13 Responses to Greenland Temperatures Declining For A Century

  1. Phil Jones says:

    Great Stuff…

    This information needs to be spread into the mainstream media, in our K-12 Schools and at Big U..

    Altering Data to fit models is not Science.. Its Scyience n Bullshit..

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Not to sound too cynical, but K-12 public education in the U.S. is run by fanatical progressives with a huge axe to grind. If you’ve ever had kids in public K-12 and tried to suggest improvements you find yourself up against an entrenched, ferocious bureaucracy that will blacklist you and throw you in the ditch and kick you with an iron boot and run over you 10 times.

      Public universities in the U.S. are run by progressive ignorant professors by and large, as my daughter is currently finding out :) :)

  2. Andy DC says:

    Global warming was a one year year wonder around 2010. Griff, Jim and Reggie must have been so excited!

  3. Mark Fife says:

    The archaeological evidence for warmer temperatures than today during the time of Viking exploration and colonization is conclusive in my opinion. Such evidence exists in other areas of Europe as well. Yet, this is ignored. Even if it is admitted to have even existed the warmists will dismiss it as an isolated local event.

    Of course you know good and well if that same “isolated local event” were to happen today it would be definitive proof of CAGW.

    This just shows how the theory is more important than facts. Rather than allowing the theory to be modified by the facts they must modify the facts to fit the theory.

    With that in mind, look at the proxy temperature reconstructions for the Northern Hemisphere and Central England produced by Mann, Jones, and Lamb. Lamb is the blue line. Mann is the red. Jones is, I believe, looking at summer temperatures only.

    It would appear Lamb’s results are more accurate based upon corroborating evidence as discussed. Mann appears to have missed the MWP entirely.

    There is more. I have compared these records to the Central English Temperature records which go back to the 1650’s. Not quite the MWP, but still. Lambs results do match the CET fairly well.

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