Merry Christmas!

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7 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Margaret Smith says:

    The second picture loiks like a near-abstract painting. Beautiful, as are all you photos. Keep them coming, please.
    Hope you have a happy and successful 2018.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    You take absolutely beautiful pictures Tony, Thank you for showing them to us.

    I hope you had a merry Christmas and next year is a MAGA Year.

  3. Kris Johanson says:

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the work you do on this excellent forum! Lots of insightful people, here. I’ve learned a lot about CAGW, and a host of other topics as well. Thanks everyone for putting up with my excesses :)

  4. gregole says:

    Beautiful shots Tony! And thanks for the kind wishes!

  5. TRM says:

    And a very merry Christmas to you and all others as well.

    PS. By the way the camouflaged deer was a great shot. What size lens and how far away were you?

  6. Allen Eltor says:

    Merry CHRISTMAS, Tony, Happy New Year.

    Allen Eltor,

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