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Settled Science Requires Constant Data Tampering

I captured this graph in June. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Here is the current version of the same graph : Because independent settled science requires constant collusion and data tampering.

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Six Months Since Richard Muller Converted President Trump

Six months ago, fake former climate skeptic Richard Muller of Berkeley Earth said he could convert President Trump to climate alarmism in less than two hours. Trump Calls Global Warming a ‘Hoax.’ This Converted Skeptic Could Change That Five years … Continue reading

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Which Fake Climate Article Will Be Newsweek’s Last?

With December snow cover skyrocketing to record levels, and temperatures in the Eastern US 30-40 degrees below freezing, Newsweek speculates on the end of White Christmases. Which White Christmas Will Be Our Last? Snow In December May Soon Be History—Depending … Continue reading

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Nature 1990 : Sunspots Cause Flu Outbreaks

Flu Time – When the Sunspots Are Jumping? –

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It was 5F this morning in Boulder, but 50MPH Chinook winds blew in and quickly raised the temperature more than 45 degrees. UN climate expert and high school dropout Leonardo di Caprio believes this is caused by CO2, rather than … Continue reading

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NCAR 1977 : Bizarre Weather, Drought And Cold Linked To Sunspots.

DENVER, Feb. 21, 1977  — A group of solar physicists and climatologists told a national science convention today that the bizarre weather of the last year might have been caused in part by abnormal activity on the surface of the … Continue reading

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1989 Consensus : Solar Activity Controls The Weather

“As a records editor at the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith’s job is to literally rewrite history, revising old newspaper articles so they’re in line with the Party’s current vision of the truth.” Analysis Links Sunspots to Weather on Earth … Continue reading

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2,500 Scientists Say Most East Coast Beaches Will Be Gone In Two Years

Thousands of our top climate scientists predicted the demise of East Coast beaches by the year 2020. Use of “uncertain computer simulations” made the climate experts “more confident.” The new feature of the assessment — the first in five years … Continue reading

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Celebrate National Fruitcake Day!

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Studying Global Warming In The UK

According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event …. Children just aren’t going … Continue reading

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