Which Fake Climate Article Will Be Newsweek’s Last?

With December snow cover skyrocketing to record levels, and temperatures in the Eastern US 30-40 degrees below freezing, Newsweek speculates on the end of White Christmases.

Which White Christmas Will Be Our Last? Snow In December May Soon Be History—Depending Where You Live

As always, Newsweek has absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

December snow cover has been increasing for 50 years.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

This is due to deep dips in the jet stream bringing Arctic air to low latitudes.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

In Irving Berlin’s 1954 musical “White Christmas” – the story line was that the temperature in Vermont was 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, and everyone was “dreaming of a white Christmas.” Christmas Day temperatures peaked in the US in 1955, and have been declining since 1930.

Climate alarmists operate on 100% group think and superstition, and 0% on facts.

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13 Responses to Which Fake Climate Article Will Be Newsweek’s Last?

  1. Norilsk says:

    Erie looks like snowmageddon. On PBS news they were saying it’s up to 62 inches.

  2. Norilsk says:

    There is an extreme cold weather alert in Ottawa tonight. It’s projected to be -32 C.

  3. Norilsk says:

    It’s a good time to watch Hide The Decline again.

  4. LOL in Oregon says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk,
    They “religiously believe” their visions!
    You shouldn’t make fun of the religiously believe maroons!
    Just because they are clueless…..

  5. gregole says:

    I subscribed to Newsweek for years and years – I loved reading it; perhaps for no other reason than their snappy prose. After Climategate I discovered that Newsweek along with all MSM was lying about Global Warming. “What else were they lying about?” I wondered. I cancelled my subscription, but out of I suppose nostalgia, I read the article posted here.

    “Is there going to be less snow in the future because of climate change?
    As climate changes, places that typically have a lot of snow—maybe up in the Northeast, out West in the mountains, higher elevations—may have less snowfall…”

    Look at the language, “maybe” followed by “may”. Pure speculation. By definition “maybe” implies “maybe not”. The entire article is empty word play. This or that might happen. Or not. Climate is complicated. Blah, blah, blah.


  6. John F. Hultquist says:

    It seems like that article is a compilation of quotes from “Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information.”
    The last paragraph (quote) is just crazy. She sees people moving from the coast of North Carolina to the higher elevation (mountains, where she lives) and thinks it is because of climate change (sea rise).
    NOAA should have a neutral researcher go visit some of her neighbors to ask why they moved. Many people retire and move, change jobs and move, move to where their grand kids are, and so on.
    Further, a few people enjoy the coastal plain. Not me. Those not knowing what it is like and moving there will react like a drop of water on a hot skillet.
    Jessica, bless her little heart, should stick to “climate science” and give up on demographics and migration.

    • arn says:

      All those article nowadays are a best-of AGW fear porn.
      Nothing new-just the same old same old.

      They have the standard set of 5-10 100% bullet proof “arguments” they usually pick 3-4 from((AGW kill us all// droughts//no snow//massive sea level rise))
      +some 100% armageddon scenario and a point of no return(which is permanently postponed,because when they do not postpone people will say:”ok-we passed that point.Nothing can save us anyway-why invest time&money)

      +they always built in some backdoor/emergency exit/future cheap excuse for themselves by placing some maybe’s/could’s in the text.

      That’s climate science in a nutshell:
      Bad Cop=trigger emotional reactions with fearporn and guilt
      and do not allow them to think otherwise.

      Good Cop=Present the helping hand to solve all this problems by paying co2 tax and you’ll be saved in the very last minute.

      And right now you have a very bizarre situation in the USA:
      Thousands and thousands very confused poor sheeple being very afraid of global warming while shoveling tons of snow which should not exist in front of their house
      and struggeling to pay their bills for the very expensive heating this year-
      and they still don’t realise that there is something absolutely wrong,because their masters told them what to think,not how to think.

      • RAH says:

        nobody but people like Griff believes them.

      • Kris Johanson says:

        Yes, the fear/reward factor is strong, but there’s also the “I need a moral cause” impulse that we humans have.

        Having a cause and being able to claim the high moral ground is irresistible even if it’s shown to be mistaken

  7. James Anderson says:

    I live in north Florida and they are predicting snow for New Years day.

  8. tomB says:

    BBC.com/weather says it all their world temperature map

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