Stupidity – The Old Normal For Jerry Brown And The Left

California Governor Jerry Brown and the BBC have announced that the California wildfires are the new normal, which could happen every year.

California wildfires: Governor brands fires ‘new normal’ – BBC News

The reason nature has forest fires is to clear out overgrowth and forest litter. Once the fuel burns up, you can’t have have another fire in that region until it gets overgrown again.  Fires need fuel to burn, and it takes years for plants to store enough solar energy to produce a large burn again. This should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip, but not to people on the left who believe in imaginary energy sources.

California had very similar global cooling fires during the 1970’s.

29 Sep 1970, Page 3 – The Los Angeles Times at

Charles Manson’s home was destroyed by a wildfire in 1970.

28 Sep 1970, Page 2 – Star Tribune at

Last year, Jerry Brown and the New York Times announced the California permanent drought – right before their wettest winter on record.

California Braces for Unending Drought – The New York Times

There has been no trend in California precipitation since 1895.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Jerry Brown and the New York Times have been saying the identical nonsense for 40 years.

TimesMachine: March 8, 1977 –

The only difference is that 40 years ago, they blamed the drought on global cooling instead of global warming.

International Team of Specialists Finds No End in Sight to 30‐Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere – The New York Times

Climate alarmists rank among the stupidest people on Earth, with no memory or understanding of basic scientific principles.

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5 Responses to Stupidity – The Old Normal For Jerry Brown And The Left

  1. feathers says:

    Thanks Tony – I needed this one after reading all the insanity on Saturday. I’m sincerely sad for those losing their homes to LA wildfires; however, could there have been some preventive measures taken (controlled fires to remove fuel that will later become uncontrolled wildfires)? Maybe if local officials focused on prevention instead of silly AGW some of these homes would still be standing?

    • menicholas says:

      Having houses made of nonflammable exteriors and a wide clearance from any brush or trees would seem like a sensible thing to do in in places where fires are a part of an inevitable natural cycle.
      It is not like it is hard to build houses with tile roofs and concrete or concrete block and metal window frames.
      Another idea would be to install sprinklers in and on the houses.
      All you have to do is plan for what you know is coming someday.

  2. Rah says:

    A lot of the fuel that has made these fires so uncontrollable is new growth. The drought busting precip caused a spurt of new growth that then dried out and died. Joe Bastardi predicted a bad wildfire season for California many months ago stating that very reason.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Moonbeam Brown comparing Trump Supporters to Cave Dwellers Speak for yourself a mindless old pinheaded pea-brained knothead its the liberal demacrats that would make cavemen look for advanced by comparison to keep your pie-hole closed you knobhead

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