The Assange Story Gets Even Weirder

The Julian Assange twitter account has been restored – but look at this official tweet from the US Navy last night.

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20 Responses to The Assange Story Gets Even Weirder

  1. GW says:

    Not being a Twitter user, or any other social media for that matter, would anyone care to offer an interpretation of what this might mean ?

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  2. Andy says:

    Maybe it was supposed to be Asswipe and it was a typo?

    Basically he is a criminal on the run hiding in a foreign embassy in the UK to avoid prosecution. His twitter account being right up to date is the least we should worry about.

    Libyans did the same in the aftermath of murdering a UK police woman in 1984.

    He is not somebody to be admired.


    • tonyheller says:

      Assange reported facts about Hillary’s criminal behavior, which the US press covered up. You seem to be confused about who the criminals are.

      • Andy says:

        He can mention that in a good british court as part of his defence Tony.

        The mere fact he is living at a south american embassy does rather ring alarm bells does it not? There are a lot of people who done a few good things but then really been a bit of an all round shit to be honest. Assange falls into the latter camp in my view.

        Let him come out of his hole and fight for justice with the sword of truth and reason on his side, given that he has nothing to fear. The UK will only prosecute him on jumping bail. If he is still worried about the US then that’s another matter. As Trump is in charge now and will no doubt take a lenient view on him, then what’s the worry?


        • Latitude says:

          You don’t think the whole thing was a setup do you?

          • AndyG55 says:

            We all KNOW how much the left like setting up LIES and MISINFORMATION

            Leftists like little Andy fall for it all the time , because they are basically ignorant gullible little twerps.

        • Assange, like many dupes, seems to have an irrational fear of nuclear energy. But there are reasons why the Ecuadorians want whistleblowers of US government misdeeds kept safe. The Ecuador I saw was a US-controlled police state patrolled by goons with machine guns “protecting” the peasants from plant leaves. Every bank was plastered over with asset forfeiture posters like props out of a George Orwell movie.

      • N. Ominous says:

        tonyheller, December 25, 2017 at 6:42 pm

        “Assange reported facts about Hillary’s criminal behavior, which the US press covered up. You seem to be confused about who the criminals are.”

        It seems to me that most of Assange’s support came from the left until he released the Hillary info. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I don’t recall anyone on the right arguing that the charges of rape and sexual assault against Assange should be dropped because he was doing good work with Wikileaks.

        • Streetcred says:

          SFAIK, the rape charges have recently been dropped. Happy to be corrected.

        • tonyheller says:

          Perhaps I’m not interested in your BS?

        • arn says:

          The rape charges were utter bullshit,no matter wether left or right.
          He had sex with 2 bimbos-then,after several days these ladies found out-all of a sudden that they did not want to have sex.

          Same with Strauss Kahn(and i’d be the first to put him in prison,but for the right things)
          but,a 65 year old to rape a woman and on suicide=
          one really has to be beyind stupid.
          Its not just that the girl was ugly-she would have beaten the shit out of him.

          a 5 year old can instantly see the logic plotholes within 5 seconds,but you can not after 5 years.Compliment.

          • AndyG55 says:

            The way I read it is that it was actually the Swedish prosecutor that pushed the case, even though the “young ladies”admitted it was purely consensual.

            A political SET-UP through and through.

        • Gail Combs says:

          “…I don’t recall anyone on the right arguing that the charges of rape and sexual assault against Assange should be dropped….”

          Well I certainly did at the time because it was a transparently trumped up charge.

          On the subject of Assange I am more or less neutral. He has been scrupulous in making sure the data he releases is accurate. I for one could care less if that information leaves egg on the face of ANY politician, left or right. I can not recall Wiki releasing info that has actually gotten people killed.

          On the other hand if you want to talk leakers, how about the AWAN BROTHERS!!! Funny how the biggest espionage ring in the USA, including the DNC Chair congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and many other Democrat Congress Critters has almost ZERO coverage in the Fifth Column Media.

          A ten year spy ring that RAN USA congressional computers (including those of high security committee members) for three months a year FROM Pakistan!

          Remember Debbie’s computer was found by the police and she threatened them to get them to turn that computer back over to her? link

          Remember Debbie refused to fire the Awan’s when lots of government computers were found in their rental property?

          Remember Debbie (DNC) REFUSED to allow the FBI to check out the DNC computer leak and instead had Crowdstrike do the investigation?

          Remember Crowdstrike and found Russian Fancy Bear thus ‘proving’ the Russians hacked the DNC???

          Oh and the newest? Well the BBC says a server whose IP was hard-coded into the virus found on the DNC’s server traces to a company called Crookservers that is based in PAKISTAN, run by a guy named Usman Ashraf.

          Note that Luke Rosiak an Investigative Reporter @ the Daily Caller link above has an on going series on the information he has found on the Awan Spy Ring.

          • Taphonomic says:

            A bit more to consider.

            CrowdStrike also wrote a report that claimed the Ukraine military had been hacked with the same malware. The only problem was that the Ukraine military had not been hacked. CrowdStrike had to revise and reissue the report.

            Also, the story coming out about Project Cassandra and the Obama administration closing down investigations of money transfers to Hezbollah

            There’s the tie in with the Awan brothers who were money laundering with their car dealership.

    • AndyG55 says:

      The TRUTH and FACT are always an enema to leftist jerks like you little Andy.

      Even an ignorant leftist like you must know the faux charges were only ever about shutting him up. Or are you that wilfully blind. !

  3. Jacob Frank says:

    Wikilinks is a black OP? That is what I’ve always assumed, think of what they don’t release

    • arn says:

      it is pretty hard to know what they don’t release,when we dont know what they have.

      If there are some strange coicindences((group that are often targeted,while others are never-than we should take a look at it.
      But i have no list to compare.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “…think of what they don’t release.”

      Stuff that gets people killed…

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