Worst Case Climate Fraud Becoming Increasingly Likely

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Desperate climate scientists fraudsters are breathlessly claiming today that the “worst case” warming models are the most accurate.

Actual data shows that essentially all climate models massively overestimate warming.

Climate models versus climate reality | Climate Etc.

Government funded climate scientists are desperate to retain funding, and no lie, corruption or fraud is too big for them.

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30 Responses to Worst Case Climate Fraud Becoming Increasingly Likely

  1. kyle_fouro says:

    How does the average of those model runs compare to Hansen’s original forecasts?

  2. gator69 says:

    The research by Dr Brown and Dr Caldeira focuses specifically on models of energy flow from Earth to space, as measured by satellites.

    They suggest that the amount of sunlight reflected away from the planet by clouds will decrease as the world gets warmer, increasing the magnitude of climate change.

    Models, all the way down…

    • neal s says:

      Oh my! How did we ever survive up until this time without climate ‘scientists’ telling us we are all going to die real-soon-now because of ‘man-made’ ‘climate change’? /sarc

      Considering that none of the dire predictions have come to pass, I would say any money spent on this is wasted and that in the fullness of time, those who have perpetrated this fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      • Mohatdebos says:

        We had prairie preachers giving “fire and brimstone” sermons.

      • arn says:

        Simple answer:
        We did not survive.

        until 150 years ago there were no climate scientists-
        and all of those people are dead now.
        Or do you know anyone who was alive 150 years ago :)

        That’s climate logic.

  3. Hivemind says:

    “the amount of sunlight reflected away from the planet by clouds will decrease as the world gets warmer”

    This can’t be correct. As the world gets warmer, the percentage of cloud cover will increase. This will increase the sunlight reflected & therefore reduce the warming. This is the reason that most of the models run much too hot. Because they have made the wrong assumption about the effect of cloud cover.

    • gator69 says:

      Of course it is correct! It is from a government approved climate model divined by Gaia’s chosen climate experts! Remember, reality is a trickster, always trust Big Brother’s adjusted actualities over your own lyin’ eyes.

      Now go and think no more…

    • JTW says:

      Their idea is that as the earth gets warmer it gets dryer as well. Just look at the Sahara…

      This is of course blatantly false, the Sahara is a result of the world cooling, sucking warm moist air into the bordering regions, causing the area to dry out.

      Global scale warming would increase the overall moisture content of the atmosphere, thus increasing cloud cover, thus causing more sunlight to be reflected into space, thus slowing the warming and eventually reversing it.

      Which is one reason why we have cyclical warm and cold periods that lag behind the long term solar cycles a little, these effects take some time to fully develop, act as a buffer flattening out the effects of short term cycles.

      But that doesn’t fit the current narrative so it’s left out of the “models” and predictions.

      Just as it’s left out that the very same people made dire predictions about an oncoming permanent ice age in the 1970s and ’80s, which supposedly was also caused by increased atmospheric CO2.
      And was caused by it precisely because the CO2 would warm up the air, causing increased cloud cover which in turn would form a permanent blanket blocking sunlight from reaching the surface, thus triggering an ice age.
      And yes, they were claiming those clouds would never go away again until it’d be too late and the entire planet covered in ice.

      • Gator says:

        Speaking of clouds…


        Best laughs… hand held calculators match super-computer models… 12:28, climate model uncertainty (error bars)… 24:25

        “Cloud error is 114 times larger than the variable they are trying to detect”

        Dr Patrick Frank has presented his paper to 6 Journals, has had 16 reviewers, 13 of which were modelers. The count is 13 to 3 against publication, all 13 modelers voted against it. All 13 critics were incompetent in their reviews, making basic errors in comprehension.

      • Gator says:

        My sincerest apologies to Joni Mitchell…

        Both Sides Now

        Woes and blows to warmist scares
        Excise schemes now in cross hairs
        And weather claxons now despair
        I’ve looked at clouds that way

        We all know that they block the sun
        And rain and snow on everyone
        So many things frauds would have done
        But clouds got in their way

        We’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
        From cool and warm, and still somehow
        Warmist delusions I recall
        They really don’t know clouds at all

        Loons and goons with feckless deals
        Are busy advancing their ideal
        And so their fairytale reveal
        We’ve heard them yack away

        But now it’s not supposed to snow
        So we’re laughing as they eat crow
        And polar bears, their numbers grow
        Hint: check the Hudson bay

        We’ve looked for signs of high tides now
        From near and far, no rise somehow
        Warmist delusions we recall
        They really don’t know squat at all

        Tears and fears and feeling proud
        To say “It’s bullshit!” right out loud
        Dreams and schemes of circus clowns
        The crooks’ in disarray

        This now transends just acting strange
        We shake our heads, they’re so deranged
        They’re data’s lost, still unexplained
        United Nations way

        We’ve heard their crap, their sacred cow
        From kin and news and still somehow
        It’s Mann’s delusions I recall
        He really don’t crap at all

        I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
        From cool and warm, and still somehow
        Those warmists really are dirt balls
        They really don’t know clouds at all

  4. AndyG55 says:

    It is as though these idiots have never studied climate history.

    If they had done, they would realise that the Holocene OPTIMUM was a period much warmer than now, and humans lived, thrived developed through that period

    The world was MUCH warmer for some 5000 to 7000 years..

    yet here we all are.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      Yes, and sadly these idiots also thrive during warm periods. If only natural selection would weed them out.

    • RAH says:

      Like most of the rest of the left, they only study history so they can try to revise it to fit their current agenda. It’s not just climate, it’s every bit of history that contradicts their world view. Soviet communism wasn’t bad it was just misguided. They did it wrong is all. The use of the bomb on Japan was an atrocity only meant to warn off the Russians you know. Lincoln was not an emancipator but a dominator. It was the Republicans that made up the membership of the Klan you know. Reagan’s economic policies were a disaster and he was not responsible in any way for the fall of the Soviet Union. It was Mikhail Gorbachov that was responsible for the end of the Cold War! Fellatio is not having sexual relations. And just this week, former president Barak Hussein Obama did not warn that Trump could become another Hitler and institute a program of mass genocide.

      • When the white flash over Hiroshima told Hirohito the jig was up, the Soviet dictatorship had no more declared war on Japan than These States had declared war against Germany’s Turkish ally in 1917. Atomic weapons did settle an either-or disjunction, but it was the surrender-or-resist alternative that allowed Japan to save face. That the thing demonstrated to Soviet Russian that socialism had suddenly become inviable was icing on the cake. So those two explosions shortened the war AND kept Japan from splitting into a half-communist slave pen like East Germany.

        • RAH says:

          I’m not so sure that the bombs kept the Russians from invading Japan. Stalin had no amphibious capability to speak of and the main islands of Japan were going to be very tough nuts to crack by amphibious invasion. The problem was that those mountainous islands have few beaches suitable for mass amphibious landings, and most of the suitable beaches did not have good LOCs (Road networks, RR beds, or even open country suitable for the passage of armor and other heavy vehicles) leading from them.

          Stalin lacked the naval assets to provide the critical fire support for a landing force and had very limited shipping to support them even if they did make ashore.

          Further Stalin did not have the fields built for much in the way of air assets. What he had were only the fields used for the US aircraft flown from Alaska for lend lease and those were not nearly enough and most of his aircraft had limited range while his pilots were not trained for operations over open waters. Then there was the fact and his major logistical link to transport his Armies and their equipment effectively consisted of just two RR tracks that pass through 7 time zones with a junction for a third that went to Mongolia.

          In short, the Russian military was trained and equipped for land operations in relatively flat open country and not prepared for an invasion of Japan in any way except pure numbers.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      It is as though these idiots have never studied climate history.

      Just as RAH says, they don’t “study” history. They comb through current and past events like Marxist cultists to find “proofs” and “validations” of their theories. Marxists looking at world events are very predictable and more likely than not will start their “analysis” by saying “It is no accident that …”.

      The CO2 cultists should up their game and fully adopt this Marxist terminology. It would be more proper if every article about weather started with the right phrase, e.g. “It is no accident that the United States is experiencing Arctic blasts that have been predicted and explained by the Universal Global Warming Theory”.


  5. Andy DC says:

    It is almost funny that all of this nonsense is coming out right at the same time that severe winter weather is engulfing much of the northern Hemisphere. Today you are getting significant snow in places like Belfast in Northern Ireland, in much of SW Texas and much of northern Mexico. Those are places where snow is quite rare.

    It is looking increasingly likely that DC will receive its first snow on Saturday and next week will be bitter cold over much of the US and Europe. There will definitely be a huge disconnect between the global warming propaganda and what people see and feel when they go outside!

  6. toorightmate says:

    Models versus observations are only out by 0.5C for 2017.
    That’s not bad.
    No, it’s not bad, it’s bloody disgraceful.

    • Extreme Hiatus says:

      Sure is. What’s wrong with the climate? Has White Capitalist CO2 ruined the climate so much already that it doesn’t work correctly anymore?

      These models were created by leading experts from respected institutions, use super-duper computers, were published in prestigious journals and are supported by 97% of all living things. That they are so far off seems like still more evidence that our destruction of the climate is worse than we thought.

      • Are these the same experts and institutions that were predicting and laying odds that the politician’s wife was going to defeat the real estate mogul in the election? I can’t tell those from the experts predicting a healthy economy in 2007.

  7. Latitude says:

    assuming all their measurements are correct…and all their predictions

    This planet fluxuates between -125F and +135F…..who in their right minds falls for a 1 degree change?

  8. Nicholas Schroeder, BSME, PE says:

    Not really on topic, but y’all might find this interesting.


    WITHDRAWN: Emergent model for predicting the average surface temperature of rocky planets with diverse atmospheres

    “This article has been withdrawn upon common agreement between the authors and the editors and not related to the scientific merit of the study. The Publisher apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.”

    Bet there’s a story here.


    “In both cases, the effective radiation temperature is Te≅266.4 KTe≅266.4 K , because the computed global albedo is αE≅0.178αE≅0.178 . Thus, the effective radiation temperature yields flawed results when used for quantifying the atmospheric greenhouse effect.”

    “These values demonstrate that the power law of Stefan and Boltzmann provides inappropriate results when applied to globally averaged skin temperatures. It is well known from physics that the mean temperature of a system is the mean of the size-weighted temperatures of its sub-systems. Temperature is an intensive quantity. It is not conserved. On the contrary, energy is an extensive quantity. Energies are additive and governed by a conservation law. Thus, one has to conclude that concept of the effective radiation temperature oversimplifies the physical processes as it ignores the impact of local temperatures on the fluxes in the planetary radiative balance.”

    You can’t put 15C/288 K in the S-B equation and get 390 W/m^2 upwelling LWIR.

    Take that RGHE theory and pitch it straight in the TRASH!!

  9. Chewer says:

    We humans in our current physiological condition have witnessed the walls of ice diminishing from full-blown glaciation around the northern hemisphere to what we have today.
    What are the odds we’ll witness the reversal?
    Quite large, I say!

    All things occupy a band of time and we see the bandwidth of each species members, but can only guess each species bandwidth.

    Nature (God), covers all the bases to ensure survival through variations in the ranks, keeping life forms on their toes and in peak condition, purely for survival.

    There never has been and there never will be peace among mankind’s variables or within the many species, as that would signal the end.

    Competition is survival of the fittest, and the notion of overriding Nature (God) is a futile position.

    Like other groups in nature, the best we can do is to live in our clan and avoid forcing notions and ideals on our fellow variants!

  10. A lot of those Orwell slogans are logical transformations of Nationalsocialist and Soviet propaganda. “Freedom is Slavery,” f’rinstance, mirrors the “Arbeit Macht Frei” slogan over the front gate at Auschwitz. Logic (textbooks of which are effectively nonexistent in mystical South America) tells us that if Property is Theft, then surely Theft is Property. Rearranging the equation this way makes its shaky premises more glaringly evident. To intellectuals of the looter persuasion, theft (not production) is the solution for have-nots. This is also why the parasitical intelligentzia can only regard the Work-Energy Theorem with dread, or at best with bovine incomprehension.

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