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Hunting Camouflage

I see you, but you don’t see me! You can see my reflection. I’m wearing a black jacket and white shorts.

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Headed To Frozen DC

I’m flying to DC tomorrow where they will be having near record cold.  Jimmy Carter’s inauguration in 1977 was similarly cold, but interestingly February turned out to be a warm month. Joe Bastardi tells me this may happen again.

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National Geographic : Global Warming Causes “Freakishly Warm” Winters In The East

A Scholarly Paper By Experts | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog Two years ago, climate experts told us global warming causes “freakishly warm” winters in the East. That was a few months after the record cold winter of 2014-2015 when … Continue reading

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Celebrating Sue’s 88th Birthday

Bill Gray did a guest post on this blog January 5, 2016. I’m repeating it now because it was important material, and because tomorrow is an important anniversary. Bill would have been 88 now, but passed away not long afterwards. Bill’s … Continue reading

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