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Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind

The owl is letting me get closer! This time I found him carefully camouflaged in a tree about a third of a mile from where I saw him this morning. I was following this Kestrel when I saw the owl.

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NCAR : Where Art Meets Junk Climate Science

A NCAR, they have a sculpture of flying birds framing NREL bird choppers at Rocky Flats. And the NREL bird choppers were put there to make people forget that Rocky Flats is a highly toxic nuclear waste site.

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Good Day For Birds!

All of these pictures were taken on land the University of Colorado and City of Boulder want to destroy. I know where the owl lives now.   Three Kestrels were active this morning at the same time.  Male at the … Continue reading

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My Latest Podcast With James Delingpole

During my recent visit to the UK, I had the honor to take a walk out in the country with James Delingpole and his dog Daisy, and do another podcast.  You can listen to it here. Generally it was a … Continue reading

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SCIENCE : Earth To Become A Desert – Again

Newsweek says global warming is going to turn Earth into a desert by 2050, unless we implement the Paris agreement. Earth Will Start Becoming a Desert by 2050 If Global Warming Isn’t Stopped, Study Says That won’t be the first … Continue reading

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