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Fifty Years Of Top Climate Science

James Hansen is remembered as the father of global warming because of his 1988 testimony before Congress – but in 1968 Tiny Tim laid out all of the principles of modern climate science. It is unfair that he doesn’t get … Continue reading

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Becoming An Eagle

Great day for birds today. Northern Harrier Kestrel with her breakfast. One of the males I see rests on one foot. But when he flies, you can see the other foot. I saw three Red Tailed Hawks this morning.  They … Continue reading

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2006 – A Key Year For My Understanding Of Climate

January 2006 was very warm in the US.  I remember sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt and thinking that global warming was the cause. That summer I drove through Sacramento, California at 115 degrees. Global warming was looking bad!  … Continue reading

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Glaciers Disappearing During NASA’s Coldest Years On record

One of the most popular claims made by climate alarmists is that retreating glaciers are evidence of global warming. This claim is utter nonsense – glaciers have been retreating for 20,000 years (when Chicago was under a mile of ice) … Continue reading

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Five Most Respected Models Predict ….

Thirty years ago was when the global warming scam really took off. It was a very hot summer, Yellowstone burned up and the Mississippi River nearly ran dry. NASA’s James Hansen and Senator Tim Wirth sabotaged the air conditioner at … Continue reading

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