Another Hockey Stick

The popularity of the name “Layla” closely tracks the increase in CO2 over the past few decades. This proves that Eric Clapton is the underlying cause of global warming.

Layla Name Meaning & Origin | Baby Name Wizard

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14 Responses to Another Hockey Stick

  1. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    Where on the graph is the far superior accoustic version? Obviously you are hiding the data because the guitar solo fails and Chuck Leavell rules on the keyboards. Put that in your albedo and smoke it.

  2. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    And what can you even say about the electric version. The interminable coda might have caused global warming all by itself. Suitable only for the denoument of certain gangster movies.

  3. Extreme Hiatus says:

    And look how perfectly stable it was in the pre-Clapton era.

  4. RAH says:

    They say Clapton is going deaf. Wonder if that will change the paradigm?

  5. RAH says:

    The AM/FM radio reception in my big truck sucks because it has an internal antenna. Thus I listen a lot to my collection of CDs. I listen when the driving is easy but when road conditions get bad or traffic gets stupid heavy I turn it off to concentrate or to listen to the CB. When called out to run at 22:00 Wednesday night to go to Indy, then up to Romulus, MI then back to Indy for some reason I felt like listening to women rockers and so it was Pat Benatar and then Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.

    Much easier to make good time up in Michigan now that they raised the speed limit for big trucks up from 60 to 65 mph. Safer too because now there is only 5 mph difference between the limit for big trucks and other vehicles.

  6. RAH says:

    A little trucking story. Know your equipment. Sad how few drivers these days bother to learn about it.

    I was called out Wed. at 22:00. After doing my run up to Lear in Romulus, MI and then back to Lear in Indianapolis I was to grab an empty at Lear in Indy to bring back to my terminal in Anderson because they were desperate for empty trailers. The yard Jockey at Lear in Indy told me he had only one empty trailer from our company but it’s rear brakes were frozen and said nobody has been able to break it loose. Said he had poured a gallon of alcohol on the brakes shoes and they still wouldn’t break loose. Once he told me the trailer number I had a suspicion what the problem was. The 512 series trailers that have the automatic tire inflation system with super single tires and the low tire indicator light can take about 10 times longer to air up than of the other trailers. That is especially true in cold weather when the trailer has been sitting for some time. I know this from experience just fooling with them.

    When the brake shoes are frozen to the drums on any trailer you have to make sure the air pressure in the trailer system is pretty much at the maximum before you start trying to break them loose or just wasting your time. When I got to the trailer I saw it had all of those features. Super singles, inflations system, and indicator light.

    I backed under that trailer and hooked up. Left the tractor brakes set and put released the trailer brakes. I was so confident that I would be able to pull that trailer that I went ahead and cranked the landing gear all the way up, then I set the truck on high idle and just sat there for 10 minutes waiting for the air to flow. I then went back to the trailer tandems and just listened as I did my pre-trip inspection. It was still airing up. I got under it in the snow and made sure that no brake canisters or air bags were leaking. No detectable air leaks anywhere. I noticed it had been dragged back and forth in the gravel several times by other drivers trying to pull it. Another 5 minutes and I could tell by the sound that it was almost full. I grabbed my 3 lb. hammer and double checked that my tractor brakes were set and checked the air gauges to see they were at or near the 120 psi normal and then went back and started banging on the each of the 4 brake drums on the trailer and the brake shoes started popping loose. The left front one took some extra hits before it gave way but if finally popped.

    When I got back to our terminal in Anderson and backed the trailer into the section for empties there were no other empties there and before I even got out of the truck to unhook a bobtail came up to my side and the driver asked if that was an empty. Told him it was and also told him it takes time to air up. I unhooked and he backed right under it as soon as I was out of the way.

    Know your equipment.

  7. arn says:

    Imagine the hockey stick for the name Patty as soon as people find out that this song is fake news and in fact about a girl called patty
    but the name layla was chosen to avoid trouble with george harrison:)

  8. RAH says:

    Another OT but about California wild fires from the American Thinker blog:

  9. Knew that guy was trouble. Spotted him a mile away…

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