When In Rome ….

Climate scientists like to start graphs in 1980, calling it the “start of the modern satellite era.”  There is no scientific basis for this designation, but I lack the academic credentials to dispute them. So let’s start today’s graph in 1980.

February 22 US daily maximum temperatures have dropped five degrees since 1980.  Last year was very warm, but the trend proves we are doomed to freeze to death!

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7 Responses to When In Rome ….

  1. frederik wisse says:

    Come and meet the pope . When you will be standing next to him on the balcony at St Peters square all Americans will ask : Who is the man standing next to Tony Heller ?

  2. arn says:

    How convinient that the modern satellite era started when the ice age scare ended.
    (Men on the moon more than a decade before but to shoot a satellite less than 0.1% of the moon distance was a real big deal 10 years later)

  3. Gator says:

    I believe what you meant to say was, “When in Oceania…“.

  4. Andy DC says:

    But if you start the chart at 2008, coinciding with America’s failure to pass a huge carbon tax, there has been catastrophic warming.

    The point is that most charts can be manipulated to show whatever you want it to show.

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