Alarmists Right On Schedule ….

As predicted, climate experts have jumped into their next phase of nonsensical climate propaganda.

There’s likely never been this little sea ice on the planet since human civilization began.

  • Eric Holthaus

Never mind the large increase in Arctic sea ice thickness and 10% increase in volume over the past decade.

2008 .   2018

Never mind that the Arctic was ice-free in the past

“Examination of several proxy records (e.g., sediment cores) of sea ice indicate ice-free or near ice-free summer conditions for at least some time during the period of 15,000 to 5,000 years ago”

– Walt Meier NSIDC

Climate alarmists are as predictable as clockwork.  I made this video two weeks ago.

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13 Responses to Alarmists Right On Schedule ….

  1. AndyG55 says:

    This and similar graphs show pretty clearly that Arctic sea ice extent is higher than it has been for over 90% of the last 10,000 years

    The ONLY time it has been higher was during the 500 or so years spanning the LIA

    Icelandic sea ice records show that the Late 1970s had an extent up there with the LIA.

    Eric is an ignorant brain-hosed twerp.

  2. John Niclasen says:

    “As predicted, climate experts have jumped into their next phase of nonsensical climate propaganda.”

    I agree.

    The propaganda in danish from “ice researcher”, Rasmus Tonboe, at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI, February 9, 2018):

    The headline reads:
    “There has never been measured less sea ice in January than this year”

    And of course their graph starts in 1979, even if there is data from satellite going back to 1973 (and earlier). I pointed out the propaganda on a danish site (also in danish, I’m afraid):

    So far from the satellite record (1973-2017), there was a maximum in 1979 and a minimum in 2012. The graph is from a combined dataset showing March and September sea ice extent.

  3. Alfie Noakes says:

    Nothing on defending the rights of the mentally ill to murder their fellow humans by being allowed to buy guns at will? Very poor – I expected more from a leading regressive such as yourself. Still, who cares what happens in your little Shithole country. You all deserve everything you get.

    • gator69, says:

      Ah yes, ponderings from Alfie Noakes, a noted nonscholar and socially illiterate clown.

      Yes, it’s so terrible here, we are having to build a wall to keep people in. Thanks for your note from the Sheeples Republic of Ignorance Ms Noakes.

      • arn says:

        People like Alfie are not just ill but such piss poor perverts,
        they can barely wait a tragedy to happen to push their agendaBS.
        As they can barely win with AGW thx to failed predictions they simply change the goal post.
        Of course he and his fellows do not give a shit
        eg. when almost 300 people get killed on a daily basis in muslim countries ((and come to the logical conclusions))
        or obama drops 100000++bombs in the orient
        but now he is really pissed thanks to his racist standards…

        And he is playing the
        “slimey whitey buttkisser feels personally offended by things he has absolutely nothing to do with but media told him to act that childish way”
        -and i bet this weirdo has such a perverted mindset that he never gave a shit about Obama destroying 3 countries(proven) but Trump calling a single one just shithole(unproven)=oh my god.Thats max evil.
        He’d never even dare to ask that the “shithole”-scandal was
        a necessity to promote a book that released at that time.

    • Sharpshooter says:

      Mentally ill people…tht’d be people like YOU!
      Irony: a phenomenally ignorant (about existing laws and the REAL world situation) and psychotic/schizophrenic person drives by and calls others “regressive”; yeah, that says a lot for the oppositions mental state.

      “Progressive” = tribalistic REGRESSION, reactionary totalitarianism

      Go crawl back under your rock.

    • Freddy Boom-Boom says:

      Alfie: I guess I’m slow on the uptake, but what’s the relevance of your contribution to the topic of growing Arctic ice content in defiance of public reports that say otherwise? It only make sense in the context of feeling defensive about a point you’ve embraced (i.e. AGW theory and ice melt) for emotional reasons. On those grounds, you think it’s relevant to stand on the freshly murdered bodies of high school kids in Florida and the hell their parents/families are now living. This is a low-brow, cynical ploy on your part with the hope of eliciting an emotional reaction from Tony (about an unrelated topic), so that you can force a “dialogue” with him on your terms and on a topic that’s irrelevant to the one at hand. Stop being a dumb dick. And for what it’s worth, if you’re per chance living in an Urban Svedish setting, you’ll be getting more than a few chances to get up close and person to situations like that in FL. Plenty of well-armed shitbirds forming militant enclaves in the past few years who hate you (and all infidels). Good luck…and don’t let your daughters out.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “You all deserve everything you get.”

      Prosperity, freedom, progress, employment.

      I’m guessing you would be happier in Venezuela or North Korea, Alfie. ;-)

      Where-ever you are now, is a “shithole” because people like you make it that way.

    • sunsettommy says:


      Your comment is completely off topic, without a single counterpoint to offer on the article. It must be too hard to push your 65 IQ ability into action when you have nothing to show for us to ponder over.

      Congratulations on your failure!

  4. Gator says:

    Maldives hit by hundreds of holiday cancellations as state of emergency continues

    Oh noes! The seas are a risin’! Wait, what?

    The state of emergency imposed by the authorities on February 5 – as part of an escalating political chasm between the president and key opposition figures – is now bearing bruised fruit in the form of cancelled bookings, travel warnings from foreign governments, and tourists deciding it might be better to stay away.

    Apparently Muslims rising is the real threat…

  5. Caleb says:

    Alfie’s drive-by comment really was a wonderful example of how not to have an adult discussion.

    In actual fact the increase in sea-ice volume as the extent decreases is fascinating and well worth discussing. Back in the day (2007) I used to have some really good talks with the Alarmists of that time. They would hit me with links to various scientific papers, and I’d learn a lot. Alfie is a sad step downwards.

    If people were truly honest they’d admit we have only had decent satellite views of the Pole for 40 years, and that is only 2/3 of a typical 60 year AMO cycle, and therefore we are still watching the AMO for the first time. It is a fronteer and fascinating and no one really knows what we will see next.

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