Carbon Dioxide Dissolves Progressive Brains

Having failed at all of their predictions of the demise of snow in Scotland due to CO2, Scottish scientists are now saying CO2 causes Starfish to dissolve.

Carbon dioxide ‘dissolves starfish’, study finds – BBC News

I was snorkeling with Starfish in Cozumel on Friday, and am quite certain that none of them were dissolving.

Nine years ago climate experts announced the end of skiing in Scotland.

Scottish ski industry could disappear due to global warming, warns Met Office – Telegraph

This is what Scotland looks like today.

Nevis Range Webcams | OnTheSnow

Climate scientists are becoming increasingly desperate in their efforts to demonize a harmless and essential trace gas.

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36 Responses to Carbon Dioxide Dissolves Progressive Brains

  1. Margaret Smith says:

    It seems that every idea the ‘scientists’ come up with, no matter how stupid and ridiculous, there are children (of all ages) greens (airheads) rent-seekers (‘scientists’) and socialists (liberals) who will happily believe it. But I hope each time they do this they lose some more believers….it least I hope so….

  2. Steve Keohane says:

    Snorkling off Cozumel, life doen’t get any better than that. Plan for the same in October.

  3. John of Cloverdale WA says:

    Turns turtles into all females, now dissolving starfish. Strange gas that CO2.

  4. R. Shearer says:

    They might similarly report on the extreme toxicity of nitrogen. Only a few minutes in 100% nitrogen renders test subjects unconscious or dead.

  5. Robertv says:

    Meanwhile the Global Warming Hole is attacking Europe again.

    • arn says:

      me thinks that the next 10 years will be a huge global warming hole-worldwide.

      • Robertv says:

        I hope not this summer (august) because my wife and I are planning to go there. We will stay about two weeks. Where should we go ? What are the places we must not miss?

        • arn says:

          Well sir-depends on your budget and time you have and your preferences.(cities(buildings) or panorama)

          The chance to have rainy(and not warm weather) are ‘great’ in Britain.
          On the other hand the scottish highlands are fantastic according to a friend of mine.
          Barcelona on the other side has some fantastic buildings(gaudi+co)
          But Barcelona is superhot in August.(35 deg. celsius+=
          in the global warming hole won”t get the temps below 30)
          Paris is nice if you don’t like huge buildings but tons of old architecture.

          Dubrovnik(croatio) is more of an insidertip.
          The Historic city Looks like a single super huge castel in white with red roofs(hard to explain with my limited englisch)-really breathtaking and not too hot during summer.Do your research in the internet
          and find out wether you may like it.

          Prague is according to some friends of mine really nice(+not flooded with cultural enrichers)
          And nice/nizza in France is said to be beautyfull-but a rich mans place,therefore pretty expensive i guess.

          Better you chose a few(or one) places and having time to enjoy them without stress instead of rushing from one place to another.
          But be aware that in south europe people in general do not speak that good englisch.
          It won’t be hard to find someone on the street but it may need several tries until you find someone who speaks on a satifying level.

        • Robertv says:

          arn, a little misunderstanding because I meant Scotland and not Europe.

          I live in Barcelona since 1989. The warm summer days in Barcelona are normally not as warm as you described because the mediterranean sea keeps it in check. That same sea brings a lot of humidity what makes that temperatures don’t cool down at night which is nice when you are on holiday but a disaster if you have to get up early to go to work. Of Course the urban heat island effect makes things even worse.
          More inland, temperatures during the day are much warmer but because humidity is much lower the nights are great to sleep even without an air conditioner in ‘dry’.

        • Robertv says:

          We know Dubrovnik (very touristic) and Paris (always use the Metro) and last year we visited Prague and Vienna (bring your bicycle if you can). If you like the landscape go to Norway (pity it has changed in a Big Brother state)(like most of Europe).

          • arn says:

            Well-norway is not for me.
            I tend to go to warmer regions as i live in germany.
            Barcelona is hot during the first days until i adjust to the tempreatures though the mistral like winds help a lot.

            (i thought you are from the usa btw)

          • Robertv says:

            Have you been to Cordoba or Granada (spain) in july/august ?

        • Robertv says:

          All those trips we do by car. That’s the reason we didn’t go to Scotland yet. They drive on the wrong side of the road.

          • Guirme says:

            No, we drive on the correct side of the road!
            Stirling is a great base for touring central Scotland and Stirling Castle is a must. You would be within an hour of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee. Loads of historical sites in easy reach plus industrial heritage such as New Lanark or Stanley Mills.
            The West Highlands are a completely different area of lochs and glens – a must visit.

          • Robertv says:

            Thanks you know any good campsites with a low carbon footprint in The West Highlands to use as a base camp?
            Cities and big castles become too crowded.
            ‘Scotland’s visitor attractions received over 30 million visits during 2017, a rise of 9.7% over the previous year.’

          • Guirme says:

            Sorry, but not something I have recent experience of, although as you can freely camp just about anywhere your carbon foot print can be as low as you wish it to be. As regards organised sites Sands camp site just along the road from Gairloch is in a great location, although it is many years since I have stayed there;-

            As regards places being busy August can be very busy and there will be a lot of people about in July. With the poorer roads and limited accomodation this can be a problem in the West Highlands although much less so in the rest of Scotland. Edinburgh Castle however can be very busy in high summer and they may be introducing a pre booking system for part of this summer – castles are designed to keep people out not let them in so clearly there can be bottleneck issues getting in.

          • Robertv says:

            Looks like a great place to wake up on a sunny morning.

  6. R. Shearer says:

    You can download the paper from here.

    They might prove that too much iron is bad for your health by hitting you over the head with a hammer.

  7. arn says:

    Wait-something manmade that is blown into the air and is about 0.001%
    of our atmosphere
    somehow find a way to ‘pollute’ water in such huge doses that starfishes
    are dissolving????
    I”m really really amazed about all those amazing negativ abilities co2 seems to have and why scientists only discover them when they need them.

    Maybe the current winter is so harsh right now in scotland that people got really angry and the AGW cult realised that they need to pull somthing out of their butts to counterbalance it and keep people in line.

  8. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    I think that was in a Sponge Bob episode. Then Sponge Bob heroically absorbed the extra COO saving his best friend and maybe the world.

  9. JohnBUK says:

    That’s a lot of powdered starfish on Ben Nevis!

  10. John F. Hultquist says:

    “Acute exposure” and “pulses of”
    The BBC picked this up because it sounds like Earth is doomed.
    They are writing about an industrial accident.
    This would not make it into a news report if not for the climate scam.

    A 10 gallon glass carboy filled with HCl will dissolve starfish much more rapidly.

  11. Streetcred says:

    That’s good news then … that should put an end to the ‘Crown of Thorns’ starfish epidemic on the GBR !

  12. GW Smith says: calls CO2 “deadly”!
    From this perspective water is “deadly”, nitrogen is “deadly”, and on down the line.

  13. Gerald Machnee says:

    Last September we were in Andrew Weaver country on Vancouver Island. Somewhere near Nanaimo I took a photo at the docks and then counted 22 starfish in one photo.
    Weaver will have to complain about something else.

  14. Derek Colman says:

    Starfish are just an optical illusion. You see, CO2 dissolves starfish, so all the starfish in the world were dissolved hundreds of thousands of years ago when CO2 was many times higher than today. So if you do see any starfish, I strongly advise you to consult your psychiatrist.

  15. Kris Johanson says:

    I thought shellfish/starfish were built from calcium carbonate (CaCO3). No dissolved CO2 = no CaCO3 = no shellfish.

  16. Psalmon says:

    Turns out CO2 also makes starfish freeze to death…

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