New Video : The Roots Of The Global Warming Religion

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7 Responses to New Video : The Roots Of The Global Warming Religion

  1. GW Smith says:

    A test of faith, indeed, and some have made it their reason for being.

  2. Robertv says:

    Snow is likely to fall wherever you are in the UK, with forecasters warning that the cold conditions could linger well into March.

  3. arn says:

    Nice summary to reveal the basic mechanisms climate science is based on.
    And it is more about fear than anything else and this is going on for days.
    They may change the name (ice age>global warming>climate change)
    but the game(fear,apocalypse)remained the same.

    And i think it is no coincidence that the AGW cult who has stolen so much from the bible is worshipping and protecting the religion(of peace)
    that has stolen so much from the bible as they have so much in common.

    They have even more.

    The contradictions,silencing critics&The Abrogation.
    At the first level they pretend that there is no contradiction or evil
    and call you an unbeliever/climate denier.

    When confronted with contradictions/evil
    they’ll say only very few (ice age scare articles,violent suras)exist and that all was a missinterpretation by a few people.

    After proving that there are many many contradictions
    and that many people have followed them most of the time as they are integral part of the system you will discover the abrogation
    which nullify their own old teachings .

    Then you will discover that both are natural born parasitic liars
    feeding off others people work with taxes for the unbelievers(=jiyzah,kharaj+many many others) while officialy pretending to be benvolent.

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Gore….ice free Arctic – false
    Hansen….ice free Arctic – false
    Hansen…Lower Manhattan underwater – false
    Hansen…taped windows due to high winds – false
    Hansen…more crime due to climate – false
    Hansen…droughts extended / worse – false
    Hansen…drinking water shortages – false
    Barack Obama…’hellfire’ – false.
    Barack Obama…’great flood’ – false
    Crop failure – false
    Mass starvation – false
    Collapsing Antarctic sea ice – false
    Increased disease – false
    Runaway warming – completely false
    Runaway sea level rise – false
    Catastrophic weather patterns – false
    Climate-induced ‘migrants’ – false

    Adjusted data – true
    Failure to predict the Pause – true
    Failure of computer models – true
    Refusal to testify in their own climate court case – true
    Constant refusal to debate – true
    Repeated attacks on sceptics – true

    Basically these people have zero predictive skills and have been correct so few times (if ever) as to render their alarmist case quite simply false. How can they still be believed when their case is so poor? Beggars belief. C’mon Trump, nail these suckers once and for all.

  5. RAH says:

    Rush today is really tearing it up on climate change talking about this insanity.
    And people voted for this this person? They call Donald Trump a dangerous idiot?

  6. Today’s Doonesbury (Kruschev’s we will bury you) has Bozone Cassandraism and global warmunism spewing forth as dust settled from the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The freon ban to make HVAC systems break down, together with mass production of fake climate data has indeed reactivated the communist religion as an Anti-Industrial Revolution. This is Millerite Faith all over again, and Hillary’s failure to ban electric power the Third Great Disappointment.

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