SCIENCE : Man Made California Droughts!

“Scientists who study the West’s long-term climate patterns say that California has had multiple droughts of 10 or 20 years in a row during the past 1,000 years — and two severe “megadroughts” of 180 years and 240 years.”

Graphic: California’s droughts in the past 1,200 years – The Mercury News

Arnie wants Californians to believe they can control the weather through taxation, and that by behaving like half baked Democrats, they can convince illegal voters to vote for them.

In 2006, Schwarzenegger became the last Republican official elected statewide. The state GOP has “failed to reach out to the average folks in California,” Mayes told the Press-Enterprise earlier this year. The group is trying to differentiate itself from the traditional conservative GOP. For example, in a Facebook post, New Way California wrote, “Climate Change is real. California Republicans believe it and are working to address it. Yes, it’s California. Republicans are different here. And we always have been.”

Schwarzenegger, Kasich join forces with new California group that wants to change the state GOP | TheBlaze

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15 Responses to SCIENCE : Man Made California Droughts!

  1. dennisambler says:

    The Strange Political Afterlife of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

    “…six years after leaving Sacramento, he’s still reinventing himself—as a kind of globetrotting do-gooder, promoting a handful of causes like fighting climate change and gerrymandering.

    But mostly, he’s having a hell of a good time. Wherever he goes, everybody knows him. Everybody loves him.

    With a net worth estimated at $300 million, he zips around the world in private jets and has restaurant owners pick up his tab because they’re just so honored he chose to eat there.

    Constant selfies. He sounds off on whatever he wants, but has no actual responsibility. His perfect day is waking up and not knowing what country he’ll eat dinner in.”

    • arn says:

      Well,flying nonstop around the world will for sure help him reduce his carbon fingerprint.
      (and there are decade old rumours that he has been very very ‘nice’ and kind to hollywood Weinsteins of the 70ies to push his carreer.As result some naked pictures of the young terminator can be found.)

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Doesn’t sound very fulfilling. Worship of self only goes so far

  2. Jeff Jones says:

    I am a California native, been here for all of my 69+ years. The California drought situation is absolutely man-made and is 100% caused by our esteemed current governor Moonbeam. Back during his first reign of destruction in the ’70s, he took time out from preventing spraying pesticides to eradicate the Mediterranean Fruit Fly which nearly destroyed the state’s world-feeding fruit growing industry to terminate the state’s magnificent waterworks project. We had a plan being implemented to build many, many more water storage reservoirs, along with a comprehensive canal system that would have captured the 70% of the state’s God-give fresh water that now goes into San Francisco bay. We are left with a huge percentage of our best-in-the-world growing acreage lying fallow and farmers being granted only 20% of the amount of water they pay for annually by the government controlled water works.

    The goal of the powers that be is to eliminate agriculture, eliminate the petroleum industry (most people don’ know that Kern County California was at one time the largest oil producing county in the nation), and generally run all industry out of the state. Moonbeam and Gavin Newsome who will replace Moonbeam as Marxist leader (conservatives have zero chance of even running in a state-wide election, The system here is to allow only the top two vote getters in an open primary to run in a general election so we always only have two Marxists to choose from) have vowed to eliminate internal combustion engines from the state by 2030.

    I am not being mellow dramatic saying the only industry left in this state in a decade will be welfare.

    • arn says:

      So once again the left”we do everything for the poor people”side
      did on purpose their usuall fabian
      sabotage to the “people” by preventing people from building water reservoirs in a state with huge deserts!

      Wham i not surprised?
      Maybe because with more reservoirs((which are logically needed to supply the growing numbers of population and illegals))
      there would have never been a drought in california.

      The usual leftist tactic.Deliberately creating a long term problem
      and then posing as the superhero to help you out of the mess
      they helped creating.
      (i’m also pretty sure when the illegal invasion gets out of controle
      the left will be there with the police state to protect people.
      And that way you can implement a tyranny without firing a shot and people even worshipping the tyrants.)

  3. Pathway says:

    Anyone with at lick of sense left the golden state a long time ago.

    • Jeff Jones says:

      I have a lick of sense; but am still here. MAking too much obscene profit working as an oilfield engineer!! Will be moving to Texas this winter when I retire (turning 70).

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Pathway… maybe, but Washington and Oregon in many ways have passed Calif. in the lunacy department

  4. Don B says:

    In 1994 the NY Times was not the climate activist it is now:

    “BEGINNING about 1,100 years ago, what is now California baked in two droughts, the first lasting 220 years and the second 140 years. Each was much more intense than the mere six-year dry spells that afflict modern California from time to time, new studies of past climates show. The findings suggest, in fact, that relatively wet periods like the 20th century have been the exception rather than the rule in California for at least the last 3,500 years, and that mega-droughts are likely to recur.”

  5. frederik wisse says:

    Schwarzenegger a super-hero ? After pumping up his body with a plentiful mix of artificial hormones ,clenbuterols and other anabolic steroids he became a Hollywood-hero ,a victim of physical attractiveness . All ladies stretching his intellectual accomplishments immediately caught his attention . He loved being admired for his great mind and it did not take long for him to conquer the field of intellectual power : Politics . Yes he definitly sized up his body , but was not his mind sized down , like a lot of his fellow-californians ?

  6. Misanthropic Marc says:

    A student at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair, April 26. He was attempting to show how conditioned we have become to alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of everything in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical “dihydrogen monoxide.”
    And for plenty of good reasons, since:
    * it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting
    * it is a major component in acid rain
    * it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
    * accidental inhalation can kill you
    * it contributes to erosion
    * it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes
    * it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients
    He asked 50 people if they supported a ban of the chemical.
    * Forty-three (43) said yes,
    * six (6) were undecided,
    * and only one (1) knew that the chemical was water.

    The title of his prize winning project was, “How Gullible Are We?”
    He feels the conclusion is obvious.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Title could have been:
      “Illustrating herd mentality”
      “Are there any independent thinkers left?”
      “The power of peer pressure”

      • Misanthropic Marc says:


        It’s all about money and power. These people are dumb like a fox. They are quite aware that the stuff they are pushing is B.S. Some believe that “if they let up on the narrative, it will be a license to pollute and take us back to the environmental 1970’s”, but most are suckling at the tit of Uncle Sam’s endless supply of grant money.

        Time for them to go on a strict diet!

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