Shocking Imagery Of Damage Done By Greenhouse Gases H2O and CO2


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36 Responses to Shocking Imagery Of Damage Done By Greenhouse Gases H2O and CO2

  1. Misanthropic Marc says:

    Tony, you’re a smarta$$ lol and I’m just jealous. So, I’m trying to book a trip to Grand Cayman, to satiate my desire to see the sun!

  2. frederik wisse says:

    Tony ,enjoy your vacation ,in the meantime here in the north we are getting quite jealous experiencing the usual winterly unpleasantries . Nice photographs ! However none of them is showing any carbonfootprint . Even the big lizards do not show this ,is Mexico exempt from the death-valley style overheating happening in California right now ? A kind of divine punishment ?

  3. KevinK says:

    Second photo is (most likely) a Ruddy Turnstone. Very common on many beaches in N. America. Non-breeding plumage, the are quite flashy in full dress gear.

    Enjoy yourself

  4. Theyouk says:

    You should really put a warning ahead of the pictures so people aren’t irreversibly scarred by seeing that level of devastation…

    Enjoy–looks spectacular!

  5. Latitude says:

    God I hate iguanas……..

  6. Psalmon says:

    I don’t understand why you would go to Mexico when it is mid summer in Antarctica.

  7. RAH says:

    Early Thursday morning down in Laredo, TX it got down 36 deg. F. with a brisk wind.
    The yard jockey at the terminal was dressed like it was sub zero.
    The place is just as crowded but not quite as wild as it was 10 years ago.
    We departed the Laredo terminal at 10:30 EST Thursday with an empty trailer bound for San Antonio. There, at a drop yard, we dropped the empty and hooked to a pre-loaded trailer full of parts for Toyota bound for our Vandalia, OH terminal. I opted to take I-10 over the Houston to catch US 59 which junctions with I-30 in Texarkana. By doing that instead of taking I-35 up to Dallas to catch I-30 we missed the heaviest traffic times in Austin and Dallas. We delivered at Vandalia at 17:00 EST Friday and bob tailed back to Anderson, IN. I walked in the door at home before 20:00.

    My young Team partner with less than year behind the wheel of a big truck did just fine. All he lacks is confidence and experience. I suspect that I was put with the guy to help him get over his lack of confidence. Taught him all I could during the less than 4 days we were together.

  8. Dan says:

    Why is it only Americans think CC is a hoax?

    And what the hell is this picture prove.

    If your wife doesn’t have broken bones and black eyes does that mean spousal abuse doesn’t exist.

  9. John of Cloverdale WA says:

    Climate change at Cape Peron, Western Australia. Tamala Limestone (an aeolian calcarenite remnant of extensive sand dunes that formed along the Swan Coastal Plain during the last glacial maximum).

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