Yale Climate : Coldest Olympics On Record Threatened By Global Warming

On the eve of the coldest Olympics on record, Yale climate says the Olympics are threatened by global warming.

Yale Climate not only says the weather is getting too hot for the Olympics, but rain is washing the snow away in the Alps – where they have record snow.

women’s World Cup speed races in the Austrian Alps were struggling to get underway. Heavy rain and mild temperatures had degraded snow on the Karnten-Franz Klammer course, making conditions unsafe.

Climate change threatens Winter Olympics » Yale Climate Connections

What Yale means by degraded snow, is people stuck in their resorts for days in the Alps because of too much snow.

Unlike the record cold, snowy 2018 Winter Olympics, the 1932 Lake Placid Olympics actually was threatened by warm, rainy weather – which washed all the snow away.

16 Jan 1932, Page 1 – The Los Angeles Times 

Whatever climate experts, progressives and Democrats say, it is normally safe to assume the exact opposite is true.

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12 Responses to Yale Climate : Coldest Olympics On Record Threatened By Global Warming

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    . . . degraded snow . . .

    Yale offers some very good creative writing classes.

    • Thomas Robbins says:

      If you have a chance, read my post below – you are literally correct about it being a creative writing class – 100% opinion funded by Wall Street, as a bit of researching shows. In fact, funded by a Wall Street 100+ billion Fund manager that just lost 65% of his investors money!! These journalism students are being used as propaganda pieces and somebody in this chain is pocketing a good amount of cash – when nothing seems to make sense, follow the money trail. The more bizarre and illogical it gets, the more money is at stake. History should always be our guide, as we are not “evolving” past greed and perversion. Eventually (not for everyone but for many), the worst of the worst bubble to the top in any institution man creates that can be used for a platform for those that love power and money. In a way this is good news, man and his self-aware consciousness is an exceptional creation, capable of staggering sacrifice and love, but also of the worst abuse, self pity, entitlement, self loathing, and looking for something, anything to believe in – filling that hole with all the wrong things… of course I include myself in this in some ways, but I work toward the ideal of putting others before myself, etc. as I am ALWAYS happier if I can do so…. always…

      • John F. Hultquist says:

        Thanks Thomas.
        I remember reading of this person when looking at some info of British climate activities.

        • Thomas Robbins says:

          I find it always helpful to dig into the details when a name like YALE is used, appeals to authority implied – well Yale would not “lie” – in this case it took a few clicks to connect the dots that it was a propaganda site, mainly for the journalism school, that was funded by a Wall Street Billionaire who of course had a personal agenda in promoting a scam – no Yale research scientists, just creative writing – when I saw that all articles on their website and FaceBook page were “individuals” opinions, and the mission was to offer “creative solutions”, supposidly unbiased, and even mentioned using art to get their points across – and it was all primarily funded by a Billionaire portfolio manager, and a crappy one at that… well.. junk site. I have no doubt if you did into many sites like this, it is all tied to making money off an “idea”. So they give license to pushing whatever nonsense they want, while funded by a completly unbiased source. I am sure many pro-warmunist sites have similar models, when you pull back the curtain..

  2. Thomas Robbins says:

    Tony – I did some digging on YALE CLIMATE – for time sake I just copied and pasted my comments when I shared your always fantastic and funny takes on these knuckleheads. Turns out the site is financed by a WALL STREET investment manager that just lost 65 % of a 140 BILLION dollar Fund – took me 15 min to check into who is hiding behind the YALE name – such ridiculous crap they spew… AND to find out its simply a repository for pretend journalists and individual opinions. The following is what I found:

    f you have time read my entire comment on this. It took me a total of about 10 minutes to sort out this information and connect the dots, and another 10 min to share with you, that’s all! If only people would investigate beyond the name YALE. Tony Heller pointed out one of their idiotic, typical climate predictions, so I decided to check out who is behind this site:

    Turns out it is a PERFECT example of how the climatard industry keeps itself afloat, and how the new Liberal Elite are allowed to play like real journalist hiding behind the NAME YALE while being financed by WALL STREET. Note the use of YALE university’s name to give what it supposed to be an automatic assumption by readers that there is a high level of independent, authoritative, fact based articles with a level of veracity and accuracy right? IN FACT it claims to be non-partisan and INDEPENDENT, keep this in mind as the website uses .ORG suffix. .

    Anyone who would bother to read the “about us” section is reminded that “Views expressed at our website, Youtube channel, and Facebook page are those of individual authors, producers and commenters.” In fact it’s content is published under “Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works” It also gives this Nebulous mission statement, which in summary says it exists to “help individuals, corporations, media, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, academics, artists, and more learn from each other about constructive “solutions”. I DID NOT put the solutions in quotes nor use the bad grammar – the site does, I just copied and pasted.

    It takes only a few extra minutes to see that it is supported mainly through the Grantham Foundation, and another minute to look this “foundation” up and find that it is financed by Jeremy Grantham – a well-known investment manager and chairman of Boston-based investment firm, GMO”!!! FUNDED BY A WALL STREET INVESTMENT MANAGER that is known for risk taking on emerging tech (but also oil and gas on the side I am sure!).

    it took me just another couple minutes to find the main backer for this silly propaganda HAS JUST LOST 80 BILLION dollars of a high of 124 BILLION dollars of SUKAS money – I included a link to the story. From the website acknowledgments: “Yale Climate Connections is grateful for the generous financial support of the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and of individual Yale University alumni.” https://www.marketwatch.com/story/investor-bail-on-granthams-gmo-as-assets-at-company-fall-by-44-billion-2017-01-09

    If you want to have a laugh, here is the direct link to the garbage bin of “independent, creative, and even artistic “solutions” ” Could it sound any more like an advertising agency??? https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org

    • arn says:

      Seems someone is now trying to compensate his losses
      with the help of AGW by creating the needed “official opinion” to boost co2 taxes and certificates i guess :)

      And i would not be surprised to find out that this guys carbon footprint
      is more than 30 times higher than that of average joe.

      • Thomas Robbins says:

        INDEED – its all about the money, such materialism – instead of being grateful for what one has and can achieve, they feel the need to make a racket out of everything arn… Politics mixed with science mixed with the racketeers hiding in business suits – no better than mobsters using coercion, intimidation, and in this case some kind of bizarre guilt some experience. Thanks for the feedback – it is always great to realize that many truly intelligent and independent thinkers can see through this mindless incredibly wasteful, middle class crushing, liberty stealing scam… I think, finally, we are seeing the apogee of the garbage, as even those that buy off on the ridiculous idea that man’s tiny addition of c02 to the atmosphere has a measurable impact on temps vs. natural variation, are just sick of hearing it day in day out. At least I am hopeful – sad thing is, if we use history as our guide, it will not go out with a bang, it will simply wither away, and no penalty paid for outright fraud and racketeering – but the financial impacts, the negative impacts on science and young kids can’t be undone. Imagine being a kid and getting bombarded since you were old enough to understand, that man is bad or immoral for progress out of abject poverty.. Anyway cheers!

        • arn says:

          Well,i think kids these days have to deal with much much harder things than just AGW BS.
          Permanently exposedThings as early sexualisation,gay & transsexual PR,too much violence-too little protection,retardet parents
          or no families at all(born out of wedlock)
          etc etc.
          Most of them will by become idiots themselves .

          • Thomas Robbins says:

            ABSOLUTELY – an attack on all fronts by false belief systems, the idea that if you are in a “protected group” this makes you worthy of supporting these people, and pressure from other young people, that if you have a different view you will be ostracized.. Materialism gone mad, learning “it” can make money off of fear, social justice nonsense, and the politics of identity – a kind of fascism, with Climate Change, LGBT, rewriting history, has corrupted the minds of young impressionable people.

  3. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    I just saw today that tbe upcoming Little Ice Age is expected to moderate CGW/CGCC, so we got that going for us then. But then, hoo-boy, when the LIA is over it’s going told-you-so level CGWLYWB or SupercalifragilisticCGW. 97% think so.

  4. Lance says:

    According to ‘scientists’, there would be no more Olympics after Sochi anyways, so I cannot understand why we even have a bidding process in place still!! Calgary continues to put $’s towards ‘investigating’ a bid, but OBVIOUSLY, it is way to warm in todays world…..
    /sarc required?

  5. AndyG55 says:

    A bit OT

    Things people send me. How to get rid of snow !!


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