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Katharine Hayhoe Won’t Debate Me Because I’m Too “Sweet And Agreeable”

I wonder if she twitter blocks all sweet and agreeable people?

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1934 : World Heating Up – Ice Dissolving At Poles – 40 Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Half of England to be destroyed!  Because, SCIENCE! 03 Feb 1934 – “WORLD HEATING UP.” – Trove

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Washington Post Fake News Climbs To Record High Levels

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” Richard Feynman The Washington Post says Arctic sea ice is shrinking, is at record low levels, and it is causing the cold, snowy March here in the Eastern US. They … Continue reading

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Bloomberg : Winter Weather Is Spring Weather, Except When Spring Weather Is Winter Weather

Three weeks ago, Bloomberg said warm winter weather is spring weather, and it was due to climate change. February Delivers Spring Weather for the Second Year in a Row – Bloomberg Now they say spring weather is cold, snowy weather, … Continue reading

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