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Abuse Of Climate Data On The Increase In The US

According to climate alarmists at Earth-Sky, wildfires are on the increase in the US, and 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011 and 2012 were record years. 2015 wildfire season a record-breaker | Earth | EarthSky The graph above starts in 1960, and it … Continue reading

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Correlation Between Hot Days And Forest Fires

The frequency of hot days in the US during the 1930’s was much higher than it is now. Total burn acreage was also much higher. Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents The correlation between hot weather … Continue reading

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Cimate Desperation In The Maldives

Climate experts say the 1,196 Maldives islands will be drowned no later than this year. 26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands The situation is so bad, you can buy a home there for less than £11,000,000. Kunfunadhoo Island, Baa … Continue reading

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It Isn’t Just NOAA And NASA

Under Obama, every government agency became thoroughly corrupt. This was from two years ago.

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For Climate Scientists, Hot Weather Is Climate

The US had a warm year in 2012, which unleashed a barrage of junk science from  James Hansen, Andrew Weaver, and Kevin Trenberth. Hansen declared the 2003 European heatwave, the 2010 Russian heatwave, and the 2011 Texas/Oklahoma drought to be … Continue reading

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