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Signs Of Spring

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1951 : MIT Scientist Predicted Global Cooling Based On Sunspots

In 1951, MIT professor Hurd C. Willett predicted 20 years of global cooling, based on sunspot cycles. 07 May 1951, Page 9 – The Pantagraph at The cooling occurred exactly as he predicted. Scientists blamed all bad weather on … Continue reading

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Daily Arctic Climate Fraud Update

Fake climate scientists and the fake news press continue to report that Arctic sea ice is at a record low and is disappearing at a record rate. In the actual Arctic, sea ice extent is normal, melting very slowly, and … Continue reading

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New Video : The Climate Control Knob

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The Climate Control Knob

Sunspot Numbers – Maunder Minimum – Wikipedia Prior to the widespread adoption of the superstition that a 0.0001 mole fraction increase in CO2 over the past century controls the climate, scientists took a more rational approach. Completely blank sun.  April … Continue reading

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Weather Isn’t Climate – Except For When It is

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts Richard Feynman Experts say weather isn’t climate – unless it is.  “Scientists warn fifty inches of rain in 24 hours is a sign of the future.” A Hawaiian island got … Continue reading

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Just In Case You Forgot …..

Steve Goddard on Twitter

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Climate Alarmist Summer Of Doom Begins

Normally the Bering Sea is melting out this time of year, but there isn’t much ice in the Bering Sea this spring, so  the ice edge is pushing back much slower than normal. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske … Continue reading

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Looking For Love

Some are looking for love. Others found it.  A proud new family.

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Plummeting Summer Temperatures In The US

Over the past 110 years, summer maximum temperatures have plummeted in the US. The percent of hot summer days has plummeted. The percent of stations experiencing hot weather has plummeted. Summer is starting later and ending earlier. Meanwhile, the fake … Continue reading

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