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Nerve Gas In Salisbury

The UK government has a long history of exposing people in Salisbury to nerve gas, having exposed more than 3,100 of them over four decades to the neuro-toxin. Scandal of nerve gas tests | UK news | The Guardian Now … Continue reading

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Evil Capitalism And Fossil Fuels

By 1931, your SUV had caused a major famine in China every year for the prior 1,800 years. 15 Jun 1931, Page 6 – Montana Butte Standard at Newspapers.com  China doesn’t have major famines anymore, thanks to evil fossil fuels … Continue reading

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Global Warming No Longer About Warming

Global warming is no longer about imaginary global warming. It is now about an imaginary increase in extreme weather. March of 2012 was very mild in the Eastern US, and NOAA’s Climate Extremes Index counted that as “extreme weather” – … Continue reading

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