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Climate Science : Greenland Ice Gain Is The Fastest Melt Ever

Climate scientists have announced that Greenland melting is the fastest in 400 years, and accelerating. SCIENCE: Greenland ice sheet melting faster than ever recorded — Thursday, March 29, 2018 This is quite amazing, considering Greenland gained ice last year. Greenland … Continue reading

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Climate Barbie Hoping To Cool Canada Down

10-Day Temperature Outlook Catherine McKenna believes she can cool Canada down below the current springtime temperature of –35C, by making heating fuels unaffordable for poor people. Climate Reanalyzer No surprise there. Progressives have always believed sacrifice is needed to control … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later, CRU Still Hiding The Decline

Ten years ago I wrote my first climate article at The Register. Two authorities provide us with analysis of long-term surface temperature trends. Both agree on the global temperature trend until 1998, at which time a sharp divergence occurred. The … Continue reading

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The Press Has Found A New Gun Control Superstar


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