Shocking Revelations That Donald Trump Is Heterosexual

The mainstream media is set to shock the world tonight with revelations that Donald Trump likes women. The journalist should get a Pulitzer Prize for coming up with that.

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14 Responses to Shocking Revelations That Donald Trump Is Heterosexual

  1. Pathway says:

    I’m with him.

  2. Robertv says:

    Likes good looking women.

    Just one problem. It is the woman who chooses who she wants to mate with.

    Jordan Peterson: Why women reject men

  3. Latitude says:

    I’ve had it with the “news”……..they did everything in their power to discredit all of Clinton’s “women”…went so far as to say they were liars…and they accused Clinton of rape
    Now we are supposed to believe some porn queen….

    Dems, liberals, media have a double standard about everything they do…
    …and they are the most dangerous thing on the face of this planet

  4. Griff says:

    Clinton bad, Trump good? for doing the same thing?

    If a man can’t be trusted to keep his marriage vows, that speaks to his moral underpinnings and to the trust we should put in him…

    Plus it shows utter contempt for the 50% of Us citizens who aren’t male

    • TimA says:

      You’re showing utter contempt though to transgenders by your use of obsolete identifiers for males. Also, are you referring to Christian, Islamic, or homosexual marriage? You certainly seem rather intolerant on many levels.

    • Robertv says:

      Just one problem. It is the woman who chooses who she wants to mate with.

      Mother Nature to select the best genes.

    • Gator says:

      Clinton was accused of rape by multiple women.

    • tonyheller says:

      Clinton lied under oath and was a rapist. But thanks for your usual clueless commentary, griff.

    • Robertv says:

      Warning, not suitable for people like Griff

      Antarctic shows utter contempt for the 97 %.

    • arn says:

      Well Griff-
      being accused for decades by women
      and being accused since you(or because you) became President.
      There is “small” difference,don’t you think so?
      ((you may also see the same pattern with Bill Cosby-guess since when he is under attack and guess what his political view is))

      And have you ever heard of Arcancide.
      There is an interessting website about these incredible coincidences.
      Monica Peterson investigating child traficking in haiti -suicide 2 years ago.
      Clinton Foundation critic Eberwein -shot in the head a year ago.
      Seth Rich-supposed leaker of clinton mails and reason for her downfall-
      was killed 2 years ago.
      Dr Dean Lorich-exposing corrupt clinton foundation was killed last year.
      ((and the list of people opposing clinton suddenly dying is going far back to the 80ies))

      Imagine Trump to have a so many dead people which crossed his way-
      the msm would have killed him.
      Why can those who behave and think like Weinstein can getaway with almost everything while others can not?
      Why was Trump more attacked for calling a country shithole(which is unproven btw) than obama for destroying 3 countries.
      And why was Trump 3 decades a celebrity without ever being called racist but all of a sudden he is?

      ((btw no women have been harmed at all as all these persons turned out to be genderfluid))

    • AndyG55 says:

      People like griff would rather be stuck in a loveless spiteful marriage.

      That is why they are as they are.

  5. Jan de Jong says:

    CNN: #REVENGEPORN (Scott Adams)

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