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3 Responses to Hallelujah

  1. garyh845 says:

    Sometimes it’s so challenging . . to accept that the radicals, progressives, pinky gays, etc., .. (all have way too much white brain matter in their frontal cerebellum) . . . that they do create much of the great music and performances.

    Here’s the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=318&v=YrLk4vdY28Q

    And one of the most famous renditions (though Rufus has performed more moving efforts) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJCi-7wohBw — bet there were at least 50 ‘save the polar bear’ tees in that crowd.

    Disappointing not to see Tony on stage (maybe not).

  2. gregole says:

    Really nice Tony!

    It’s refreshing to me (I’m a part-time professional musician and my family members are all pros) to hear a “real” vocal recording done right and done with genuine emotion.

    Now days vocalists go into the studio. Step one: apply extreme compression. This flattens everything out – so boost the levels, add delay, add distortion, on and on. Of course, first correct all intonation electronically; forget that micro intonation is part and parcel of vocal expression. Result: It sounds like some kind of animatronic robot singing – just like pop music!

  3. Brian D says:

    Very good. Thanks for posting.

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