Alarmists Outline Their Reasons To Ignore My Work

From Skeptical Science:

  1. WHY would you choose to believe Mr Heller/Goddard ( paid by the oil industry) rather than believe the thousands and millions of scientists worldwide?
  2. Arctic sea ice volume is collapsing.
  3. History is old.  Don’t trust news from 1989.

Are surface temperature records reliable?

  1. I’m still waiting for that first denier paycheck. Could one of those “millions of scientists” please remind big oil to send it to me?

2. Arctic sea ice volume is normal and highest in five years.

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180601.png (1337×1113)

3. In 1989, NOAA hadn’t yet realized there was money to be made via data tampering.

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