But You Can Smoke Weed …

Fifty years ago I spent the summer at camp in Florissant, Colorado.  I spent my days target shooting, and nights singing around the bonfire, shooting fireworks, and making out with girls at their camp half a mile away.

Almost all of those things are illegal now (singing may still be allowed) – but millions of high quality people are coming to Colorado to get stoned.

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  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    This is another reactionary misprepresentation. The American way of life is alive and well in progressive Colorado.

    Boys can still make out with girls from neighboring camps as long as both parties sign and get notarized their necking consent forms and agree that the girls can withdraw their consent retroactively for 55 years after signing.

    Also, all participants are required to use proper personal pronouns when addressing the other party during the necking session.

  2. richard says:

    This guy is worth catching up with and his fight with Canadian authorities-

    “Professor Jordan Peterson His Stance On Gender Pronouns”


    What kicked him into the stratosphere is his appearance on a UK show-

    “Ha, Gotcha!” Jordan Peterson STUMPS Lefty Reporter on Free Speech Argument”


    She refuses to interview him again even though Jordan asked to debate the subject.

  3. R. Shearer says:

    I lament the absence of adults and the over abundance of Californians and progressives, though I repeat myself. They bring their ruinous ways to this state and sadly may end up in Wyoming too.

    I’m sad that the stoner in the photo is wasting at least a part of his life and not contributing much of anything to our society. In China, he might be essentially chained to a desk in a small cramped cubicle and if he deviated too much from the social norms would be disappeared.

    I would chose freedom over tyranny to the extent that is possible. Colorado is still a great state if you are an early riser. You can get a lot of things done before the stoners roll out of bed. It’s the afternoon traffic that is particularly frustrating for me.

    • arn says:

      Of course they will end up in Wyoming too.

      There is a simple law to the game the “progressives”play.

      Turn everything into a shithole and then be the first move on to the good remaining places.
      The educated marxistic idiots will be the first to leave as soon as it gets bad
      because they neither have defenseive no survival skills nor the willingness to acceppt the inconvinient reality they created and their supersoft faggy children don”t even know what reality is.
      Than the hippies will follow because the state is bancrupt and noone is providing the free shit and they are afraid of the violence.
      Soon the rest of idiots will follow.

  4. RAH says:

    Plenty of weed being smoked this weekend as brain dead “celebrities”, illegals, and paid zombies gather to protest to try and end the sovereignty and security of the US. All reported by the press in a manor to give the impression they represent the opinion of the majority in the US.

  5. I. Lou Minotti says:

    DUDE! When finished, put your neck back in your pants (unless she wants more neck, of course)!

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