Hansen’s 350 PPM Tipping Point

NASA’s James Hansen originally warned that 350 PPM CO2 was the tipping point, and that we would all burn up and drown unless CO2 was reduced to those levels.

Hansen (et al) must read: Get back to 350 ppm or risk an ice-free planet – ThinkProgress


Data shows the exact opposite.  All of Cleveland’s hottest days occurred below 350 PPM, with the hottest day occurring the week of Hansen’s 1988 Congressional testimony. Since that summer in 1988, Cleveland hasn’t had any really hot days.

Highest temperatures in Cleveland history | cleveland.com

The Arctic warmed ten degrees from 1900 to 1947, with CO2 below 310 PPM. It is 100% certain that Arctic warming has nothing to CO2 levels.

If the Antarctic ice regions and the major Greenland icecap should reduce at the rate of the present melting, he said, the oceanic surfaces would rise to catastrophic proportions.

  • May 31, 1947

31 May 1947 – The Arctic is melting says scientist – Trove

Arctic warming prior to the 1940’s troubled Hansen, so he simply erased it.

May 2018 Measured Vs. Adjusted

Global warming appeals to the left because :

  1. It blames humans
  2. The solution is more government control
  3. The solution is more taxes
  4. The solution is less personal freedom
  5. The solution is wealth redistribution

It has nothing to do with science.

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9 Responses to Hansen’s 350 PPM Tipping Point

  1. Robertv says:


    One of the UK’s biggest bread makers says it has ended production at two out of four of its plants because they have run out of CO2, which they use to package the product.

    • neal s says:

      By their thinking having no bread is better than packaging bread with plain old air. Or how about using nitrogen gas, if they really want to avoid oxygen.

      We have raised a generation that can’t think their way out of a paper bag.

  2. frederik wisse says:

    As stated before Hansen is a real charlatan , who is in this deal for the grant money .
    A true capitalist , a wolf in sheepsclothing .

  3. Andy DC says:

    If you look at Iowa’s record daily high maximum temperatures during summertime, only a very few of those records have been set during the last 60 years (1958-2018). A huge percent were set over 60 years ago (before 1958), when CO2 was at “safe” levels. Since Iowa is the largest grain producer and corn/soybeans are heat sensitive crops, those statistics clearly indicate that in terms of food production, our climate has gotten better, not worse.

  4. Nattie Roman says:

    Has anyone looked at Russia’s crop experience? They’ve been setting records recently – but in the opinion of their agronomists what is the cause of this? Warmer temps?

  5. John M says:

    Yes, of course, everything that happens in Iowa must be what is happening on the rest of the planet – I thought Iowa took up about 0.01% of the Earth’s total land area. But then, what do I know? Oh, sorry, I see Cleveland has a competing claim. So when the ice is melting in the Arctic, the seas are rising, forests are burning and your own country is flooding even is I write, what’s that to Iowans? Honestly, what’s the matter with you all? James Hansen is a brilliant scientist and has been studying global warming for forty years. Your dismissal of his expertise is only to show how ignorant you all are. Global warming appeals to the left because we actually tend to use our brains, whereas right wingers all seem to live in this alternative universe, like Trump, where “alternative facts” are your way of ignoring reality. God, there are some serious crackpots on this planet, including on this quack science site.

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