New Mexicans

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  1. toorightmate says:

    I recognize the lizard.
    It is Pedro Gonzales.

  2. KevinK says:

    First bird is an Acorn Woodpecker, unmistakable.

    I believe the second bird is a Say’s Phoebe (named after Naturalist Thomas Say), but I could be mistaken.


    • KevinK says:

      Great photos btw.

    • Kent Clizbe says:


      I’m thinking the second is a juvenile (not yet colored as an adult) Western Bluebird.

      See the photo attached for comparison…

      Whattya think?

      • KevinK says:

        Well, that could be. There is just a touch of blue in the wings in the original photo (blocked a little by the upward branch). But no hint of the white eye ring in the first photo. And a little too rusty in the belly.

        Maybe Tony can run out there quick and get another photo from behind the bird ? Or poke it with a stick until it sings….. That would clear it up for sure…..

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