New Video : “30 Years Of Failed Climate Predictions”

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  1. GW Smith says:

    Great video, Tony! Thanks! Nailed him to the wall!

  2. arn says:

    Madonna has 35 years of shitty music so Hansen isn”t number one
    in talentless bullshitting for decades and getting rich but doing so.
    And it gets worse-he isn”t even number2.

    I”ve just found out that in 2018 they are even trying to revive an old fearporn scenario that was proven fake long time ago.
    And the ozone scammers started lying years before Hansen was sent to spread the “truth”

    And for those who were too lazy to ask themselves :”What was the Ozone lie all about?”
    Just read the 2 last comments and you will get a clou.

    (and how powerfull those owners of the CFC patents are:
    Just research how much time Dupont heir Robert Richards spent in prison
    for raping his two own little children )

  3. gregole says:


    You hit it out of the park with this video!

    It’s gratifying to hear the truth about these garbage forecasts. I recall the global-cooling scare as a teenager. It was all the rage. And overpopulation. We. Were. Doomed.

    I kept track of all the stories, and slowly, very slowly over time, I figured out they were all bogus. The first one I figured out was overpopulation. Myth. Straw man. Oversimplified. Forecasts were all wrong. MSM simply went silent – no splashy stories by the usual loudmouthed, empty-headed, journalists. They just moved on to the next catastrophe to be.

    Now Global Warming Catastrophe from Mann-Made CO2 is resigned to history: another fraud perpetrated by charlatans in the over-educated welfare class; paid for with our tax dollars and enabled and amplified by our very own MSM.

    It’s interesting to watch this play out. 2018. Arctic is just fine. There a construction and development boom in, wait for it….Miami. If Manhattan is supposed to be under water by now, Miami should have already been evacuated.

    Tony, don’t let up. The liars, frauds, and charlatans have had free-reign my entire life. I’d like to see them brought to heel.

  4. Andy DC says:


    Great video, one of your best ever!


  5. ewing caldwell says:

    Hansen made and presented his case and predictions at a time of a very active Sun. Cold Fusion was the new discovery. He mis-identified cause, and so, of course, our favourite star played with him, with droughts, heatwaves and “hottest days” —all high energy weather.

    And now the planet may be heading for cooling … when “storms will become more frequent and stronger.” Oops.

  6. Psalmon says:

    I love your video, but where the hell is Sen. Inhofe and these guys. I mean it’s the perfect opportunity for a hearing…Here’s the testimony…Here’s the result. Put it in the record. Our political leaders are a joke.

    • Disillusioned says:

      “Inhofe and these guys” [Paul, Lankford and Cruz], “are demanding an investigation into the National Science Foundation, to determine whether climate “education” grants are being used for political purposes.”

      But, we’ve been around this block more than once. Even if a probe were to begin, we know how it goes – Republican probes usually go nowhere.

      Maybe something is different this time. But my skepticism has turned to cynicism. We shall see.

      (I love the video also.)

    • Disillusioned says:

      Although that’s not a demand for a probe about data fraud, a push to see if funding is being used for fraudulent (political) purposes is perhaps a start – a door cracked open.

      But again, usually these things evaporate into thin air and nothing at all is done.

      • RAH says:

        The key is how the midterms turn out. If the Trump Republicans gain seats and the Republicans hold their majorities or even gain in the Senate then we may see something happen in the climate change scam realm. But no matter what it will take decades to really weed that huge garden of deceit.

  7. feathers says:

    Perfect video to counter the warmest headlines for the week. If I were to provide a small suggestion, I would have just used the DCA weather data for 90+ and 100+ days since 1988. I understand why you used beltsville, as you were looking for a weather station with a long historical record. But it would have been nice to see the data for DCA using Hansen’s prediction dates of 1988 – present.

  8. David Bennett Laing says:

    Global warming (alias “climate change”) was ended by the Montreal Protocol.

    It is, by now, understood that rapidly and steadily rising atmospheric CO2 can not be responsible for the highly irregular global temperature record of the past 50 years, during which the only clearly identifiable episode of global warming took place within the 24-year interval from 1975 to 1998.

    It is equally evident, from new research, that the forcing agent responsible for the sudden rise in temperature from 1975 to 1998 is monatomic chlorine, photodissociated from anthropogenic CFCs on polar stratospheric clouds, thinning the ozone layer and admitting increased irradiation of Earth’s surface by intense solar ultraviolet-B radiation that would otherwise be absorbed in the cyclical destruction of atmospheric ozone.

    This is still happening, despite the Montreal Protocol, and will continue to cause elevated temperatures throughout most of the present century because the ozone destruction reaction with chlorine is catalytic and because both CFCs and chlorine have long residence times in the atmosphere. Further global warming, however, will not occur.

    Should this interest you further, I would be happy to send you references to research into this important matter. In any case, please distribute this email among your colleagues.


    David Bennett Laing

  9. Konrad Lau says:

    Hansen has since admitted the error of his ways and his predictions and now says the Global Warming/Change panic is indeed a power and control grab by the anti-American Left.

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