NOAA Hacks Drudge’s Brain

Drudge is again losing the plot about global warming.

He linked to this article, which used fake NOAA data to make June 2016 the hottest on record.

Record June Heat Waves in the U.S. by Christopher C. Burt | Category 6 | Weather Underground

Before data tampering, NOAA data shows many Junes hotter than 2016 – the hottest being 1933.

June maximum temperatures have declined in the US since the 19th century.

The percentage of hot June days has declined since the 19th century. Recent years have been among the lowest on record.

Denver is a massive urban heat island full of asphalt, glass and huge amounts of heat being dumped into the atmosphere from air conditioners and automobiles.  Here in Boulder (just outside Denver) our hottest temperature this month is about average over the past century, and much cooler than 1954.

On this date in 1934, there were 100 degree temperatures from coast to coast, with Illinois reaching 107 degrees.

US summers are getting cooler, but through the magic of data tampering – NOAA has convinced lots of people of the exact opposite.

I was out cycling much of the afternoon yesterday, and I never use air conditioning. It didn’t feel particularly hot.  People who get addicted to air conditioning imagine the climate is overheating, when in fact they suffer from a psychological and physical dependency.

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11 Responses to NOAA Hacks Drudge’s Brain

  1. R. Shearer says:

    It’s this way. The hot temperatures are climate. The cold temperature a few days ago when it was almost 30F below normal, that was weather.

    In any case, when the temperature is hot like this, zucchinis grow at an amazing rate, doubling in size in under a day. By my extrapolation, if unpicked they could grow to be larger than the moon by the time all the Arctic ice is gone later this summer.

    So, we have to take action immediately to save the earth and pick zucchini.

    • Fred Harwood says:

      Zucchini season is the only time we lock the car at the supermarket, else your neighbor will pack it full of zucchini while one shops.

  2. Gerkenstein says:

    Tony, I lost my link to CRN data. What is the US CRN network showing or is it too noisy to show a trend?

  3. Gator says:

    Click bait, the death of journalism.

  4. RAH says:

    According to Joe Bastardi it is the 2nd warmest June since 1981 on average. However the daytime highs are only 8th warmest. It’s the night time lows which are well above average there by skewing things.

    BTW the crops are loving it. Much of the corn in the lower states of the corn belt, IL, IN, and OH will be tasseling by the 4th of July. The AG people are already talking about a record yield for the year. So while things started out slow this year they sure have had great growing conditions once they got started.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Looks like only one truly hot June in the last 60 years. RAH is right, another huge harvest on the way.

  6. Jeff L. says:

    Drudge is mainly just an aggregator. He just links to articles that he thinks will be of interest to his readers. (He was right in this case, even though the article was wrong.)
    Don’t blame him.

    • Kent Clizbe says:

      Well, selecting what stories to feature, and which version or flavor of the story to feature, is much, much more than “just an aggregator.”

      Drudge has an agenda.
      His agenda has changed over the years, and in the last couple years.
      By the stories he shares, the sites he selects to link to, and the headlines he creates for his links to the stories, Drudge is powerfully influencing his readers.
      Drudge’s main themes of influence now are: Israel; LGBTQ; and vaguely Trumpist; while constantly pushing the Washington Post and the NY Times.
      The rest of his links can be categorized into a few running themes: News of the Weird; weather/earthquakes/other natural phenomena; weird crime; weird Democrats; and a few others.

      His influence themes are different from other news sites, and other aggregators. But quite influential.

  7. Richard Keen says:

    Look at Denver (DIA/DEN) hourly obs. and they peaked at 101 – 102 for 5 hours. Then it shot up to 105 for a minute at 2:10 pm. Maybe someone who has more interest in this than I do could peruse Flight Aware and see if some jumbo departed Runway 35R at that moment. I think that’s the runway that the ASOS station is right next to.
    Meanwhile, up here in Coal Creek Canyon, 11 miles SW and almost a mile above Boulder – and a NWS equipped station – it peaked at 82F, 6 degrees shy of the June record and 7 shy of the all-time. It wasn’t even a record for the day.

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