NOAA Hacks Drudge’s Brain

Drudge is again losing the plot about global warming.

He linked to this article, which used fake NOAA data to make June 2016 the hottest on record.

Record June Heat Waves in the U.S. by Christopher C. Burt | Category 6 | Weather Underground

Before data tampering, NOAA data shows many Junes hotter than 2016 – the hottest being 1933.

June maximum temperatures have declined in the US since the 19th century.

The percentage of hot June days has declined since the 19th century. Recent years have been among the lowest on record.

Denver is a massive urban heat island full of asphalt, glass and huge amounts of heat being dumped into the atmosphere from air conditioners and automobiles.  Here in Boulder (just outside Denver) our hottest temperature this month is about average over the past century, and much cooler than 1954.

On this date in 1934, there were 100 degree temperatures from coast to coast, with Illinois reaching 107 degrees.

US summers are getting cooler, but through the magic of data tampering – NOAA has convinced lots of people of the exact opposite.

I was out cycling much of the afternoon yesterday, and I never use air conditioning. It didn’t feel particularly hot.  People who get addicted to air conditioning imagine the climate is overheating, when in fact they suffer from a psychological and physical dependency.

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