What Happens In The Arctic, Stays In The Arctic

As I warned two weeks ago, the climate cult was going to declare May to be the “hottest ever.”  Weather Underground says it is hotter than the Dust Bowl!

Nation’s Hottest May on Record Leaves Dust Bowl in the Dust by Bob Henson | Category 6 | Weather Underground

They must have forgotten their standard “the US is only 2% of the planet” line. May did have the highest average temperature on record in the US (a burning hot 66F or 19C) – but it didn’t rank in the top ten for the number of hot days.

May 1934 had more than twice as many hot days as May 2018. Also note that the previous three Mays were very cool, with May 2015 being the coolest.

The reason for the warm average temperature, is that no Arctic air made it into the US during May, which led to a record low number of cold nights.

To see how ridiculous the comparison with the Dust Bowl is, compare 1934 and 2018 temperatures in the Midwest and Great Plains. May 1934 was fourteen degrees hotter at Eureka, South Dakota.

There is no comparison with the Dust Bowl.

During May 1934, the Dust Bowl regions were close to 110 degrees. This year they struggled to reach 90.

May 1934 was eight degrees hotter at Logan, Iowa.

Because the cold air stayed in the Arctic and didn’t mix with mid-latitude air, May brought a record low melt rate of Arctic sea ice.


And Arctic sea ice volume is the highest in 15 years.


Temperatures are cold near the Pole and running far below normal.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Climate alarmists are having fun today with their fake Hottest May Ever claims, but the big picture looks pretty bleak for them. Arctic sea ice volume has made a massive recovery and is “normal”

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180606.png (1337×1113)

Global temperatures are plummeting, and are about the same as 30 years ago, when James Hansen started this scam.

UAH_LT_1979_thru_May_2018_v6.jpg (2340×1350)

Apparently 66 degrees is too hot for left-wing snowflakes. Weather Underground is named after Bill Ayers (Obama’s mentor) far left terrorist organization. How did they forget the record cold of the previous month so quickly?

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