Another Awesome Desert Day

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2 Responses to Another Awesome Desert Day

  1. DM says:

    Great way to start a day:-)

    r u sure u r ready to return to the People’s Republic of Boulder?

  2. rah says:

    Exactly 10 hours after I got back from Smyrna, TN I was headed for Green bay, WI. Low up there last night was 16 F. Had problems with a slow air leak in the trailer and was out crawling about under the trailer with a flash light in the customers parking lot at 03:30 local time trying to figure out if it was a problem that had to call for road repair to be fixed right then or could wait until I got back. Tires fine and I couldn’t find the leak. Pressure dropping at 20 psi every 10 minutes and then the compressor kicked in to bring it back up. Most likely a pin hole somewhere in an air line. Decided it could wait. Slapped some tape over the white warning light on the trailer so it wouldn’t drive me nuts and tip off any overzealous DOT officer and got some sleep and was loaded and heading out at 16:30 (yard time) and made it back fine at 23:30 last night. Second trailer this week that I’ve had air problems with. Crap always starts breaking when it gets cold for some reason.

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