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The Wisdom Of Our Former President

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. – Barack Obama     September 9, 2008

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National Geographic 1967 : Solar Activity Controls Glaciers

Alaska’s ice masses advance and retreat in direct correlation with cyclic changes in sunspot numbers. Sunspots coincide with strong electrical energy discharges from the sun …… cyclic solar storms affect glaciers’ temperatures and nourishment—snow—causing growth and decay in similar cycles. … Continue reading

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Alaskan Glacier Retreated 40 Miles By 1896

According to National Geographic, Alaska’s largest ice sheet retreated 40 miles between 1794 and 1896. The National Geographic Archive | April 1896 | page 1

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NPR’s Latest Hero Of Tolerance And Civility

No doubt that Republican paragon of virtue, Mitt Romney, will be condemning her soon.

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Hansen Prophecy Update

Ten years ago, the Democrats’ leading climate prophet forecast an ice-free Arctic by 2018. The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search Here is today’s update of his prophecy fulfillment. Spreadsheet       Data

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100% Of Scientists Agree – Communism Is The Best System

I survived communism – are you ready for your turn?

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The GOP Standard Bearer

Ryan: Romney could fill McCain’s shoes as GOP ‘standard-bearer’ – POLITICO

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The Stupid Is Strong With This One

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One More Spineless Western Senator

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Democrats Celebrate The Arrival Of An Openly Anti-Semitic Member Of Congress

Meanwhile, two years of lunacy, superstition and junk science begins.

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